Conquest of the Command Center!

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"Conquest of the Command Center!"
First published Fall 1986
Written by Paul Kirchner
Illustrated by Paul Kirchner
Page count 5

The Renegades have joined up with the evil Rock Lords against the Guardians and Boulder's Rock Lords.


On Quartex, the Guardians and the good Rock Lords have joined forces to take on the Renegades and their evil Rock Lord allies.

In the Ancient City, Cy-Kill, Crasher, and Cop-Tur are attending to a mysterious statue, making sure not to damage it. At Stronghold, Boulder alerts his teammates about the Renegade presence and they set out in the Command Center to investigate. Leaving Scooter and Nuggit to guard the ship, the heavy hitters go into the city. To occupy their time, Scooter and Nuggit read about Greek mythology.

In the city, the Renegades are met with by the Guardians and their allies and flee, leaving the statue behind. Wondering why they would want the statue, the Guardians bring it into the Command Center's cargo hold for safekeeping. Once the ship's in orbit, the statue breaks open to reveal the evil Rock Lords! They open the bay doors to let in the Renegades. Scooter and Nuggit observe the whole thing, having suspected the statue as a Trojan Horse trick like in the book they read. They sound the alarms, alerting the Renegades to their presence, but Leader-1 and the others rush in to rescue their smaller brethren. The two sides fight, and the villains decide to retreat to other part of the ship. Fooled by one of Scooter's holograms, they fall into space and swear they'll be back another day. Leader-1 and Boulder congratulate Scooter and Nuggit on their good literacy.

Featured characters[edit]

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Guardians Renegades Good Rock Lords Evil Rock Lords