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Quartex (also named Cordax) is a planet that is the home of the Rock Lords, Rockasaurs and Narlies. Prominent locations on the planet include Magmar's fortress Stonehead and the Dark Forest, while it has a lot of wastelands and is surrounded by an asteroid belt.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Many years ago the planet Quartex was home to organic beings until a disaster struck, turning its' people into rock-glad beings. The survivors gathered under various Rock Lords, who each had a power sceptre. However, one of the Rock Lords named Magmar became greedy and began to take battle other groups, killing the other Rock Lords and taking their sceptres in his attempts to complete the Powerstone and unlock the Ultrasceptre. With each sceptre he took Magmar's power grew, and eventually only three rivals remained - Solitaire, Boulder and The Fossil Lord. Solitaire and Nuggit were able to travel to GoBotron and seek help from the Guardians. Despite the Renegades also getting involved in the battle Magmar's ambitions were eventually thwarted. Battle of the Rock Lords

Powerful Living Rocks!
Powerful Living Rocks!

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