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The Modifier is a large piece of GoBot technology, kept in Guardian facilities on GoBotron. It gives anyone processed through it the ability to convert into a vehicle mode, and can be programmed for a wide variety of modes, including those based on Earth vehicles.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Several Modifiers exist, all seemingly within the possession of the Guardians. The process is often overseen by Professor Von Joy. Normally a GoBot can only be put through the Modifier once, though Small Foot was restored successfully with a second round of Modification after being hit by the Master Renegade's transgressor. The Fall of GoBotron The process is not always successful, leading to Modifier rejects. Lost on GoBotron Partial Modification can be implemented, with full Modification usually carried out on successful graduation from the Guardian Academy Guardian Academy or are otherwise promoted to the Guardians. The GoBots That Time Forgot

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It can be inferred that there is some randomisation involved in the process, hence why the likes of Dive-Dive and Man-O-War have vehicle modes not suited to GoBotron, and more broadly why they're not all heavily armed flying tanks or something.
  • The Renegades are never shown to have a Modifier of their own; the only Renegades seen to go through the process are Pincher, when the faction has control of GoBotron, and the Dread Launchers, who use the one at the Guardian Academy through subterfuge. Together with several Renegades being shown as defecting Guardians and the faction having a presence on GoBotron up to the start of the series it is fairly easy to see how most of their troops are nevertheless able to transform.