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Machine Robo Duel (マシンロボデュエル) was a Machine Robo franchise from Japan that ran during 2019. The figures were part of Bandai's Mini Pla range of plastic model kits. It was the first mainstream use of the Machine Robo brand by Bandai since the name was removed from the Mugenbine range in 2008.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Toyline[edit | edit source]


PLEX designed all-new figures for the range. Two series of eight figures were issued. Each series contained four unique moulds, with each being available in Team Guardian and Team Demon colour schemes, while the weapons could be assembled to create a fifth robot. This has the side-effect of making Machine Robo Duel the first of the metafranchise's lines to have equal numbers of heroic and villainous figures. The figures needed partial disassembly to change modes, and most of the detail comes from stickers. Each figure had a single box, with a 50/50 chance as to which version of the figure was inside, coming with a sticker and a piece of gum. In robot mode they were around the same size as a Machine Robo Series figure. Each retailed at ¥300.

The first series was released on 18 February 2019. The second followed on 1 July 2019.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

There was no cartoon to promote Machine Robo Duel; instead the series contained only very brief story information on the boxes.

Pack-in material[edit | edit source]

According to such material in the near future on-board sentient computers are in many vehicles, including the transforming Machine Robo. However, the evil Doctor X devises the Demon Code, a computer virus that turns some Machine Robo into his nefarious minions, Team Demon. As a result Team Guardian is set up to stop him.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Team Guardian in the internet age surely cannot be a coincidence, especially as the term as likely far too vague to be one of the GoBots trademarks owned by Hasbro.
  • In line with Mugenbine, similar-sized posts and holes were used across the models and buyers were encouraged to mix parts up to make their own creations.

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