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Machine Robo Mugenbine (マシンロボムゲンバイン) was a Machine Robo franchise from Japan that ran from 2003 to 2007, after which it was renamed simply Mugenbine and became a line of candy toys. The line was produced by Bandai and designed by PLEX.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Bandai had explored the idea of free combination to a smaller degree with the Support Robo from Machine Robo Rescue but Mugenbine saw a radical shift in direction for the line. Instead of simple converting robots the line was rebuilt around Mugenroids, flexible 'core' robots covered with various pegs and holes. Sets contained all sorts of additional parts that could be connected to the Mugenroids in a huge variety of ways. While each set included additional parts that could be used to create at least two suggested modes, buyers were encouraged to come up with their own combinations of figures and parts. As such the toys don't transform in a conventional sense, effectively being a like of (intentional) parts-formers.

The name 'Mugenbine' is a portmanteau of 'Mugen' (Japanese for "infinite") and 'Combine', though Bandai also used the backronym 'Multiple General Node Combine System' or 'Mu.Gen.Bine'. For once the word "infinite" isn't advertising bombast - Mugenbine is closer to a construction toy, and the combinations of the toys are theoretically endless.

Toyline[edit | edit source]

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Bandai went back to minimal fiction for the line, with only a loose background included on some toy packaging and CMs.

It places the Mugenbines in Mugenpolis, where they were built to help with emergencies by the company Mugenbine. Air Leon was the first built, followed by Build Giraffe and Carry Eagle. Mugenbine's North American branch then created Great Rex, Heat Tricera and Zord Elephant. The city was threatened by the evil Xenobine.

Later the city's name was changed to Mugen City when the Mugen Bases were introduced. Later packaging had the Mugenroids turned against the city, with the human-piloted Buildroids created to stop them.