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Offroad Robo (オフロードロボ) is a Machine Robo from Romulos and later Cronos.

In robot mode he is 4.7 metres tall, weights 23 tonnes, and is armed with an Ionoid Halogen Beam. In vehicle mode he can reach speeds of 262 km/h.


Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

Offroad Robo visited Death Valley but did not appear to interact with the Leo Tribe. Sophia, Warrior Woman of the Leo Clan He was later residing in Dakota and questioned by Rod Drill on the whereabouts of Rom Stol, Leina Stol, Blue Jet and Triple Jim, leading to the group being rescued. Pledging Love on the Great River Offroad Robo later entered the race at Devil's Island but was not among the significant runners Run Through the Race of Death! and was one of the Machine Robo under the mental control of the Gyandlar Nerve in Cleo City, presumably being freed thanks to the efforts of Leina and Sara. The Heart of a Protecting Angel Later Offroad Robo was part of the Machine Robo army stationed at Emerald City, contributing to the defence of the city against the Gyandlar. Gather All Machine Robo He was later part of the team that confronted Diondra on the frozen lake abutting the city before they were forced back; Offroad Robo helped the injured Porsche Robo to safety. Cross Rock's Great Prophecy He remained on the strength after the Machine Robo switched operations to the Battle Base Baikanfu Disappears in Space and participated in the final defeat of the Gyandlar. The Final Battle of Cronos It is unknown if he remained on Cronos or left the planet.



Machine Robo[edit]

Machine Robo Series[edit]

  • Offroad Robo Robo (1984)
    • ID number: MR-35
    • Accessories: Front bumper, roll-bar (2)
Offroad Robo was the 35th figure in Bandai's Machine Robo Series and transforms from robot to Toyota Hilux MR5 truck in 5 steps. There is really no reason for her roll-bars to be separate pieces other than for them to get lost.
  • The figure was later issued as the GoBots figure Small Foot, with no significant changes, but omitting the extra sticker sheet with the badges hood and doors. The figure was never released in Europe or Australia, possibly because the small roll-bar pieces failed toy safety regulations.



Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos Choco-Corn[edit]

  • Offroad Robo (Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos, 1986)
    • ID number: 7
A small plastic model kit version of Offroad Robo was issued by Bandai in 1986 as part of their Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos line of models, distributed with Morinaga & Company's Choco-Corn candy. Offroad Robo retained his ability to transform. The model very closely followed the transformation of the toy version, though the kit itself was cast in a single colour of plastic and would require extensive painting to look anything like the picture included on the leaflet. Like the rest of the range, the model retailed at ¥100.
  • The Choco-Corn figures were never issued outside of Japan.