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Smarter than the average Conehead.

A proponent of "might makes right" who follows only the strongest leader, Fitor serves as Cy-Kill's second-in-command, usually remaining behind on GoBotron or on Roguestar to lead the Renegades while his master is busy elsewhere. He is fanatically loyal to Cy-Kill to the point that he will gladly sacrifice his life for the Renegade cause if need be, and in turn, Cy-Kill considers him a vital part of the the Renegade machine that he will go to great lengths to preserve. The pair's relationship is one based on mutual respect; they are close enough that Fitor can even get away with calling his leader "C.K."!

Fitor converts into a GoBotic space fighter, and has some talent for electronic surveillance, often hacking Guardian transmissions and acquiring valuable intelligence for the Renegades.

Cut it out, ya lunatic!
The word is "PATRIOT"!

—Turbo and Fitor, "Fitor to the Finish"

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Escape to Planet Earth storybook[edit | edit source]

Fitor was one of Cy-Kill's goons on GoBotron, where they were imprisoned by Security Forces led by Leader-1. Cy-Kill taught his troops to change their form and plotted an assault on Earth, long watched by GoBotron's scientists. They broke out and escaped the planet on a huge flying saucer before going on a rampage on Earth. Escape to Planet Earth

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Kelly Ward (English)
BattleforGobotron cykill and fitor.jpg

Like Cy-Kill, Fitor was originally a Guardian, helping to defend GoBotron against threats such as the Parthian Raiders and the bands of Renegade terrorists who periodically emerged to attack the planet. After a series of losses by Cy-Kill and Zeemon, High Council member Twister proposed that Cy-Kill's more successful fellow High Protector Leader-1 be appointed sole ruler of the planet. Fitor opined that this was the right idea... but the wrong GoBot. Believing that "the strongest must rule," and that Cy-Kill was the strongest, Fitor chose to side with Cy-Kill when he announced his intent to overthrow the Council and take sole command of the planet. Fitor and Dart proceeded to lure Leader-1 into an ambush staged by Cy-Kill's new allies, the Renegades Crasher and Cop-Tur, but Guardian reinforcements saved Leader-1's life. "Et Tu, Cy-Kill"

TargetEarth fitor salutes.jpg

Cy-Kill assumed command of the Renegades, uniting their scattered ranks, and appointed Fitor his second-in-command. After years of war, Cy-Kill formulated a new plan to use the resources of Earth to conquer GoBotron, and instructed Fitor to remain in charge on their homeworld, continuing the fight against the Guardians, while he, Cop-Tur, and Crasher relocated to the alien world. Fitor requested permission to unleash Zod on the Guardians, but Cy-Kill refused, instead using the machine at Stolbovoy Island. Battle for GoBotron Once established on Earth, Cy-Kill had Fitor teleported there via Astrobeam so he could he could deliver an in-person update on the battle. Cy-Kill ordered Zod dispatched to Earth, and Fitor momentarily forgot himself, angrily insisting that without the monster, "his forces" on GoBotron would be crushed. Fitor's proprietary remark earned him a blasting from Cy-Kill, and, suitably cowed, he was Astrobeamed back to GoBotron and proceed to launch Zod as instructed. Target Earth

CykillsEscape fitor overpowers hanscuff.jpg

Fighting on GoBotron went poorly for Fitor, as Guardian forces soon penetrated the Renegades' fortress. Earthbound He and his men were captured, The Final Conflict and Fitor was incarcerated the GoBotron's Prison Moon, soon to be joined by Cy-Kill after his campaign on Earth was thwarted by Leader-1's team. Cy-Kill was soon to effect an escape attempt, during which a stray shot from Blaster broke open Fitor's cell. Pouncing on Hans-Cuff, Fitor relieved the Guardian of his power pack and used it restore his own deactivated weapons systems. Fitor and Cy-Kill went on to knock out power to the Prison Moon, and escaped aboard a small craft Cy-Kill had secreted on the satellite's dark side years prior for just such an emergency. As they fled, Fitor picked up a stray Guardian transmission that indicated Leader-1's forces were about to begin a search for the fabled Last Engineer. Cy-Kill's Escape Unfortunately, the being the Guardians located proved to be the Renegades' legendary founder, the Master Renegade, who joined forces with Cy-Kill to mastermind a massive attack on Gobotron. The Fall of GoBotron During the attack, Fitor and Crasher attempted to capture Leader-1 and his team but were beaten back by Turbo. The two Renegades pursued their quarry to Earth, where they observed the testing of the Gaurdian's new weapons, the Power Suits, created for them by the real Last Engineer. Flight to Earth The enhanced sensors of Small Foot's Power Suit detected Fitor and Crasher, and the Guardians used the suits to overpower and capture the pair, with Leader-1's stealth suit allowing him to easily outfly and subdue the fleeing Fitor. The Guardians used the mind-reading Brainstormer to pluck information about Cy-Kill's plans from the pair's thoughts, and were subsequently able to use this knowledge and their Power Suits to defeat the Renegades and reclaim Gobotron. Return to GoBotron

FitortotheFinish fitor jetmode.jpg

Fitor was evidently able to escape Guardian custody; when next seen, he and Spoons were attempting to prevent the escape of several Guardian prisoners from a Renegade base on the Moon of Shadows, only to be sent fleeing by a hologram of Zod projected by Scooter. Doppelganger Soon after, when Cy-Kill moved Roguestar into Earth's solar system to facilitate faster, easier attacks on humanity, Fitor and Cop-Tur were the first to stage such a raid, stealing the manganese payload of a space trucker. The Guardians were quick to come looking for Roguestar, but Fitor used the ship's mighty weapons to fend them off. This forced the Guardians to turn to more subtle means, sneaking aboard the ship to plant an explosive device; the Renegades were able to eject the device into space before it went off, and under cover of the explosion, Fitor to activated Roguestar's stealth device and jettisoned the contents of several storage holds, thereby tricking the Guardians into thinking the ship had been destroyed. The Quest for Roguestar

While investigating the mysterious disappearance of Cy-Kill, a Renegade Thruster captained by Fitor crossed paths with a Guardian Command Center searching for Leader-1. After a brief misunderstanding, in which each side believed the other had captured their leader, the two groups realized what had happened, and joined forces to track down their missing leaders and help rescue them from their true captor, Crespas, the Gamesmaster of Kolob. Gameworld Later, aboard Roguestar, Fitor watched as Dr. Go attempted to upgrade the Astro Beam. Steamer's Defection Not long after, during a Renegade attack on GoBotron, Fitor piloted a Thruster and occupied the attention of a Command Center. This was followed by the Renegade abduction of the Guardian's human ally Billy; Fitor operated the Brainstormer to read the boy's mind, and then had to repair it when Scooter damaged it while affecting Billy's rescue. The GoBot Who Cried Renegade

Good to see that Jet Judo exists across the multiverse.

When Cy-Kill was captured by the Guardians, Fitor took full control of the Renegades and immediately began working toward his rescue. Playing on UNECOM's assumption that the Renegades would be lost without their leader, Fitor pretended that he and Geeper-Creeper wished to defect to the Guardians, offering a Thruster and a stealth device in return for amnesty. As a means of testing their loyalty, Leader-1 had them accompany Turbo to the prison planet, Elba, where Cy-Kill was being held, but Fitor secretly had Crasher and Cop-Tur follow them to the planet, and together, the Renegades overpowered the Guardians and rescued Cy-Kill. The Renegades subsequently attempted to launch a surprise attack on Earth by informing General Newcastle that Fitor and Geeper—who he was unaware had shown their true colors—would be returning with Cy-Kill, but a suspicious Leader-1 saw through their trickery and sent the villains packing. Escape from Elba

FitortotheFinish fitor captured.jpg

Astrobeamed to Earth with a strike team to lead an attack on a new UNECOM monitoring station on Earth, Fitor was captured by the Guardians. Loaded aboard a Command Center, he proved willing to sacrifice his own life to protect Renegade secrets when he hurled his bound body against a console, crippling the craft and sending it on a crash course. Fortunately, Leader-1 and Turbo were able to blast their way out of the Command Center before impact, dragging Fitor with them. Fitor was transported to GoBotron and subjected to Guardians' most powerful Brainstormer, but during the process, Cy-Kill contacted Leader-1 to inform him he had captured Scooter and the Guardians' human allies, and would trade them for Fitor. Left with no choice, Leader-1 deactivated the Brainstormer just before Fitor's mental resistance broke down, and brought him to the meeting point Cy-Kill had chosen. Predictably, Cy-Kill attempted a double-cross, and in the battle that ensued Fitor sought to settle the score with Leader-1 in a dogfight. Luckily for the Guardian leader, just before Fitor could strike the final blow, the Astrobeam wore off, and he was teleported back to Roguestar. Cy-Kill's forces retreated, and he and Fitor soon reunited properly aboard their vessel, to begin planning evil together anew. Fitor to the Finish

TheThirdColum dont interfere.jpg

Using Doctor Aeolis's hermetic condenser, Cy-Kill abducted the entire population of Earth, shrinking them and holding them prisoner in globes which he used as ransom to seize control of GoBotron. Fitor and Bad Boy were assigned to watch over the vault containing the globes, but were duped into providing Leader-1 and Scooter access when the little Guardian used his holograms to disguise them Cy-Kill and Crasher. Leader-1 swapped out the globes for fakes, removing Cy-Kill's bargaining chip; when the switch was exposed, Fitor led the Renegades in fleeing. Clutch of Doom

Despite unswerving loyalty to his leader, Fitor prevented the other Renegades from interfering when Zero challenged Cy-Kill for leadership, maintaining his old view that the strongest deserved to lead. When Zero triumphed, however, Fitor remained faithful to Cy-Kill—which spared him his wrath after Cy-Kill inevitably retook command. The Third Column Fitor's loyalty also saw Cy-Kill consult him for ideas on how to turn Leader-1 to the Renegade side; Fitor proposed asking the engineers of the planet Fabricon to build a device to affect the Guardian leader's mind. As it turned out, the plan work too well: the now-evil Leader-1 overthrew and imprisoned Cy-Kill, forcing Fitor to free him and help him restore the status quo. A New Suit for Leader-1

QuestforNewEarth don't press your luck.jpg

When Cy-Kill used the powers of the mystic Tinotchka to threaten the world, Fitor stood ready aboard Roguestar with reinforcements. The Last Magic Man Later, he, Crasher, and Cop-Tur intercepted a shipment of UNECOM surveillance equipment, which the Renegades used to build a secret base on Titan; Fitor soon found himself fighting in defense of the facility. Braxis Gone Bonkers While captaining Roguestar, he was unable to prevent Creepy from rescuing the captive Master Renegade from the ship's brig, earning him a protracted, high-volume dressing-down from Cy-Kill. Quest for New Earth

Fitor was on GoBotron when the Rock Lords Solitaire and Nuggit arrived, surreptitiously observing their meeting with the Guardians, unseen at the back of a crowd of watching GoBots. Once the two visitors were brought inside the council chambers for a debriefing, Fitor scaled the building and used a listening device to monitor the conversation, learning of the rogue Rock Lord Magmar and the ultimate weapon he sought. Fitor brought this information to Cy-Kill, who congratulated him on a job well done, and immediately set about acquiring the weapon for himself. GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords

The Robo Machines comic[edit | edit source]

RoboMachines fitor.jpg

Fitor was the third Robo Machine modified by the evil scientific genius Stron-Domez to able to change into a vehicular form, and the first to be so altered after the madman relocated his forces from their homeworld of Robotron to Earth. No sooner had his reconstruction been completed than Fitor was sent on a mission to locate a suitable target that Stron-Domez's forces could destroy to strike fear into the hearts of humankind. He sighted the small English town of Cholkham, and at Stron-Domez's command, he, Cy-Kill, and Tank began razing it. Their attack was interrupted by the arrival of three heroic Robo Machines, Leader One, Hans-Cuff, and Dozer, but the villains were able to escape by damaging a nearby school, thereby forcing Leader One's team to break off the fight to save the humans within. Together with Cop-Tur, Fitor seized control of the Datafile Electronics manufacturing plant. While Cop-Tur suppressed the workers outside, Fitor severed the planet's telephone lines then tore his way inside the offices, forcing the workforce to stay put by grabbing a female staff member and threatening her life if they did not obey. He then stood by as Stron-Domez addressed the captive workers, before putting them to work building new Robo Machines. The Robo Machines, Story 1

Leader One's heroic Robo Machines eventually thwarted Stron-Domez's ambition, but while Fitor and his other minions were captured and deactivated, the scientist and Cy-Kill escaped. A news report on the conflict on Earth eventually made its way back to Robotron, and included footage of Fitor buzzing a human jet liner at some point. The Robo Machines, Story 2

Machine Men comic[edit | edit source]

He's the one getting his ass kicked.

Fitor was among the first group of Enemy Robots under Cy-Kill's command. He attended a briefing where Cy-Kill revealed his plan to conquer Earth, and immediately launched alongside Tank to begin the invasion. Space Wars

At the height of a subsequent battle, Fitor was almost destroyed by Rest-Q. The Friendly Robot medic managed to lift him above his head, but was attacked from behind by Tux. This allowed Fitor to deliver a near-fatal blow. The Combat

Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots annuals[edit | edit source]

Fitor was entrusted with one of the mind-controlling Exploding Toads of Primus by Cy-Kill, and was charged with releasing it in London to enslave the human population there. However, the Guardians were able to trick Braxis into revealing the plans, and Royal-T caught the box containing the creature before it hit the ground, then used his superior manoeuvrability to dodge any counter-attack by the Renegade. The Exploding Toads of Primus He rejoined the rest of the Renegades at a pitched battle in the jungle, but along with Tank was damaged by Guardian fire and had to be taken back to Thruster for repairs.Scooter Strides Out He later travelled to Mauna Mauna by Astrobeam as part of a huge Renegade army gathered by Cy-Kill for a decisive attack on Earth. However, the Guardians were able to defeat them. The Battle at the End of the Earth

Fun Publications[edit | edit source]

Transformers Timelines[edit | edit source]

Fleeing the Cataclysm that threatened to destroy the universe, Fitor was one of a group of GoBots who relocated to the alternate universe identified as Level 11, adopting a new appearance to blend in. Cultural Appropriation TFWikiFavicon.png

Renegade Rhetoric[edit | edit source]

RenegadeRhetoric fitor.jpg

Lured into a devastating battle with the Guardians by the Master Renegade that threatened to obliterate both sides, Cy-Kill left Fitor in command of the Renegade forces while he went to face Leader-1 personally. Double Cross The conflict allowed the Master Renegade to seize control of Gobotron, forcing Cy-Kill and Leader-1 to ally against him. Fitor blew a hole in the roof of the Master Renegade's base, allowing them to enter and apprehend him. Graduation Day Fitor led a squad of Renegades on an attack against one of UNECOM's new Space Hawk production facilities. Fitor's mission was a success; the base and its ships were destroyed. The Hawks of Space Later, he was away on a mission with Crasher and Chaos when the Master Renegade succeeded in overthrowing Cy-Kill by offering several Renegades Power Suits of their own. Fitor and his comrades returned to Rogue Star to find Cy-Kill locked up, and defeated Creepy and Blades to free him. Coup de Grunge

Fitor brought Cy-Kill news that the Guardians were holding a new device, the tetrionic capacitor, on Gobotron's fortress moon, prompting Cy-Kill to initiate a failed assault that led him to hatch a diabolical new scheme. The RoGun Ruckus Soon after, Cy-Kill conquered both Earth and Cybertron by altering history to prevent Leader-1 from ever becoming a GoBot. When an uprising began on both planets simultaneously, Fitor took half the Renegade Thruster fleet to quell it, but this left Cy-Kill under-equipped to prevent the Guardians from restoring the timeline. Renegade Victory Part 2 Cy-Kill did not clone the loyal Fitor when he obtained UNECOM's duplication beam, instead making a copy of himself who soon turned against him, but would later wish he had. Mirror Menace Fitor was given command of Rogue Star after its primary particle beams were modified into an enormous Astro-Beam, and was sent to steal Gobotron's communication moon. He succeeded, but inadvertently teleported Leader-1 along with the moon. The Stolen Moon Later, Crasher had an encounter with a future version of Fitor when she and Turbo were catapulted into the year 2085. All Tomorrow's Utopias

When Doctor Braxis used his Destabilizer Cannon to seize control of the Guardians' minds, he took Fitor, Cy-Kill, and Gunnyr on a tour of their captured UNECOM facility... only to turn on the Renegades and temporarily imprison them in a forcefield. Once Braxis Twice Shy Part 2 While monitoring Earth transmissions, Fitor happened upon a broadcast of a basketball game and mocked humankind for its obsession with sports. The broadcast inspired Cy-Kill to come up with one of his most outrageous schemes yet, challenging the Guardians to a basketball game in which the losers had to leave Earth! Using a special ball created by Dr. Go that responded to their thoughts, Fitor, Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur, Crasher, and Crain Brain seem poised to claim victory in the contest, until a little help from the Harlem Globetrotters saw the Guardians triumph. Double Dribble As if this series of defeats by humans was not embarrassing enough, Fitor was one of several GoBots transformed into humans by the Master Renegade! Human Resources

After Cy-Kill disappeared into another dimension following an accident with an experimental Anti-Phase-Displace Blaster, Fitor and Gunnyr argued over how best to act in his absence; Gunnyr wished Fitor to take supreme command of the Renegades, but the ever-faithful Fitor refused, believing Cy-Kill remained leader in absentia, and redirected Renegade resources to search for him. This search turned up the mysterious Gong, who Fitor had use his powers over time and space to recover Cy-Kill. Opportunity Knocks Part 1 Soon after being reunited with his leader, though, Fitor faced another crisis of command when the temporarily super-intelligent Zod tried to destroy him, Cy-Kill, and Gunnyr. In Zod We Trust When the Renegades attacked Quartex during the signing of a treaty between it, Earth, and Gobotron, Fitor was left in charge of a fleet of Thrusters that cordoned the planet off in orbit. Combiner Wars Part 1 Unfortunately for the villains, the combined ranks of the entire Guardian and UNECOM fleets soon arrived to take them on, and Fitor was last heard from as his transmission to Cy-Kill cut out, and the Thrusters began dropping from the sky. Combiner Wars Part 2

"Brain Problem Situation"[edit | edit source]

Echoes and Fragments Renegade meeting.jpg

When Cy-Kill detected a group of dimensionally-displaced Autobots fighting the Guardians, he dispatched Fitor and a group of Renegades to help out the newcomers, assuming that the Autobots and their Guardian-fighting ways would them make ideal allies to the villainous cyborgs. The Renegades defeated the Guardians and escorted the Autobots back to the Rogue Star. When they realized that they'd been duped, the Autobots turned on the Renegades after discovering that their GoBot benefactors were evil. Brain Problem Situation

"Echoes and Fragments"[edit | edit source]

When the temporal tricksters Gong and Sideways mashed the worlds of the GoBots and the Transformers into an unstable hybrid universe, Fitor found himself occupying the role normally played by the Decepticon Shockwave. Stationed on Cybertron, he alerted Cy-Kill when Snoop returned with news of Optimus Prime's plan. Echoes and Fragments

Go-Bots comic[edit | edit source]


Fitor was one of the Renegade Go-Bots that flocked to Cy-Kill in the desert near Route 66, helping surround and subdue the US government Go-Bot Leader-1 and retrieve military secrets from his brain. Issue 1 As Cy-Kill declared war on the human race Fitor destroyed a power plant, plunging a city into darkness as the Go-Bot uprising began. When the US Air Force arrived with conventional jets they were no match for the Go-Bots, with Fitor carving up their aircraft until Leader-1 arrived and knocked him out of the sky. He recovered enough to join Cop-Tur and Loco in watching Cy-Kill torment Scooter, then looked on again as Leader-1 and Cy-Kill fought brutally, the former eventually winning out. Issue 2

Centuries later he was still under Cy-Kill's command, attacking the Command Center on Gobotron with his army and Zod. When the Command Center tried to flee and Thruster gave chase, with Fitor, Cop-Tur, Pincher and Psycho set out to attack directly. Fitor scored a hit on Spay-C but was then damaged by Leader-1; before he and Cop-Tur could counter their prey made it back to the Command Center, which then jumped into hyperspace. Issue 3 After the Renegades followed them to Gobotron's organic core - actually Earth - he sneaked onboard the Command Center along with Cy-Kill and Tank while Leader-1 fought Zod. The group used the ship's weaponry to kill Leader-1 and capture Scooter before leaving. Issue 4 A furious Turbo then stormed the Command Center to free Scooter. Fitor ambushed him at the ship's fuel station but Turbo dodged the attempts to cover him in liquigen, setting the Renegade on fire instead. He got better and attempted to stop Turbo again on the bridge, but was shot. Issue 5

Toys[edit | edit source]

GoBots[edit | edit source]

  • Fitor (GoBot, 1983)
    • Enemy Robot Jet
    • ID number: 03
Fitor was released by Tonka in the first series of GoBots, and converts from robot to fighter jet in 3 steps. The toy was a repackaging of Jet Robo from Machine Robo, with no significant changes. The figure had been issued earlier in 1983 in America by Bandai as Aero Man in the Machine Men line. The cannons on his wingtips are often broken on loose samples, so take care. The jet mode can roll on flat surfaces thanks to wheels in the shoulders and feet. Fitor's robot mode has articulation in the shoulders, and due to the design can move in two directions. The legs on many Fitor do not lock into place evenly, often giving him a distinctive stagger.
  • Fitor was offered in the first-ever assortment of GoBots figures manufactured in 1983 (#7200). The figure remained available in the second and third series' Enemy/Renegade assortment (#7254). The third series version came with a card-mounted 3-D GoBots Sticker. The figure was one of a handful that were available for the line's entire life on toy-shelves.
  • Bilingual Canadian releases named the figure as Réacteur.

  • Renegade 3-Pack #3 (GoBots Gift Pack, 1985)
Fitor was planned to be included in a Gift Pack along with BuggyMan and, er, Tail Pipe which was advertised in the 1986 Tonka Catalog but was ultimately not released.
*Not available in stores

This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

Robo Machine[edit | edit source]

  • Jet (Robo Machine, 1983)
    • ID number: RM-03
A carded repackage of Jet Robo featuring a new starfield-style background, Jet was released by Bandai Europe during the latter half of 1983.

  • Jet (Robo Machine, 1983)
    • ID number: RM-03
The figure was later re-released as part of the second wave on a blue backing card. While promotional material would later refer to the figure by its' GoBots name the toy was never reissued.

Machine Men[edit | edit source]

  • Aero Man (Machine Men, 1983)
    • Enemy Robot
    • ID number: 03
The third toy in the original six figure line-up, Aero Man was released by Bandai Australia during the second quarter of 1983. He remained identical to the original Jet Robo figure, albeit packaged on a blue backing card.

  • Fitor (Machine Men, 1983)
    • Enemy Robot
    • ID number: 03
In 1984, the figure was re-released with his GoBots name and faction on a new black backing card depicting a blue-tinted alien landscape.

Merchandise[edit | edit source]


Collectible Eraser Figurine[edit | edit source]

Produced by Monogram Products, the Eraser Figurine version of Fitor was a small rubber figurine of the character in robot mode.


Figurine Pencil Sharpener[edit | edit source]

Again produced by Monogram Products, this consisted of a harder version of the Eraser Figurine with a pencil sharpener in the base.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Tonka promotional art for Fitor.

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