Clutch of Doom

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Challenge of the GoBots ep 50
"Clutch of Doom"
Airdate November 22, 1985
Written by Kelly Ward, Jeff Segal, and Eric Lewald
Animation studio Hanna-Barbera

With the fate of humanity in the palm of his hand, Cy-Kill forces the Guardians to name him Overlord of GoBotron.


Featured characters[edit]

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  • Turbo and Zeemon are transmitting from an engine works site on GoBotron, but when they run outside it looks more like a barn. Surrounded by trees. On Earth. Although seemingly an error, the future episode "Mission: GoBotron" confirms the Guardians are indeed constructing a forest section on the planet.

Continuity notes[edit]

  • Gadgets and Powers:
    • Scooter's holograms are strong enough to disguise him and Leader-1 as Crasher and least temporarily.

Continuity errors[edit]

  • Zeemon's "Guardian Council" is composed (this episode, at least) of two Guardians modeled after Professor Von Joy. They are never named or speak.

Animation and technical errors[edit]

  • Van Guard's forehead flashes between black and gray as he laughs at Matt and A.J.
  • Cy-Kill's mouth stops moving in the middle of his lines as he watches the Command Center fly away.
  • The blue communication lights on Leader-1's chest remain lit after he speaks to Scooter at the Command Center.
  • The back of Crasher's head is gray inside of black right before she blasts Zeemon.
  • A second Scorp can be seen in the pan shot of GoBots listening to Cy-Kill's broadcast.
  • Geeper-Creeper's eyes aren't colored in yellow when he first appears.
  • When Zeemon begs for the lives of the other Guardians, his screen keeps flashing after he quits talking.
  • Blaster's hands are missing when Cy-Kill sentences him to death.

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