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The Disassembler is an item of Guardian technology, located on the Prison Moon. The ultimate sanction for Renegades who simply can't be good, it is basically a centrifuge that shakes the GoBot inside into pieces before firing them off into GoBotron's sun.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

After the Master Renegade was inadvertently freed from exile on Antares III by the Guardians the combination of his Transgressor weaponry and Roguestar was enough for the Renegades to overwhelm the Guardians and take control of GoBotron. Leader-1 was shot down by Roguestar's guns and was captured by Crasher. In order to demoralise the few Guardians still fighting and to feed his own sense of drama, Cy-Kill had him shipped to the Prison Moon. Once there Psycho, Stallion and Stinger transported Leader-1 to the Disassembler while Cy-Kill broadcast the proceedings on gigantic monitors on the bottom of his Thruster fleets. This did allow Turbo, Small Foot, the Last Engineer, Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster and Nick Burns to mount a rescue attempt, ruining Cy-Kill's big moment. While the pitched battle saw the trio of Disassembler operators blasted out of commission it wasn't before Psycho had chance to throw the last few switches and levers. Leader-1 was thus disassembled and had his parts blasted off into space, but his friends were able to track and catch his components before they were destroyed. While disassembly was usually fatal, the Last Engineer was able to revive Leader-1 using a special device using parts of a Modifier. The Fall of GoBotron

Despite the execution not going to plan, Cy-Kill was still fond of the Disassembler, and during his brief tenure as Overlord of GoBotron looked forward to throwing the dissenting Guardians Blaster and Van Guard in the thing after their show trial. Alas, he was to be disappointed again. Clutch of Doom


  • While the good guys having a machine that kills GoBots and fires them into the sun might seem a bit draconian it should be noted that the only person who seems interested in using it is Cy-Kill; the Guardians have a large number of Renegades in custody before the events of "The GoBotron Saga" and show no signs of planning to use it.