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Antares III is a planet in the Antares system. It seems to have no natural life, is covered with volcanoes and has a very capricious atmosphere that can cause highly dangerous storms.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

As the Renegade Revolt intensified and GoBotron lurched closer to disaster, the Last Engineer established a base in a dormant volcano on Antares III where he would be able to carry out his research ahead of the war. However before he could leave he was pursued by a group of the Master Renegade's followers and the terrorist stole his ship, built Vamp and Scorp as guards before going into suspended animation. The Last Engineer's message telling of his plan to go to Antares III was lost for years until it was rediscovered by Scooter and Nick Burns. Cy-Kill's Escape Unaware of the Master Renegade's treachery the Guardians travelled to the planet and fought off the guards to rescue the sleeping figure. The Master Renegade was revived and seized on the opportunity to masquerade as the Last Engineer, repairing Turbo and sealing passage off the planet and back to GoBotron. Quest for the Creator He revealed himself when the Renegades intercepted them in Thruster, allying with Cy-Kill, using his Transgressor technology to conquer GoBotron. The Fall of GoBotron However, Cy-Kill grew weary of sharing power; needing the Trianium crystals stored on Antares III to continue powering the Transgressor weapons, and made the Monster GoBot Pincher in order to win over Vamp and Scorp. Flight to Earth This worked and the Master Renegade was imprisoned on Roguestar, but the Last Engineer's Power Warrior was able to force the Renegades into a retreat. Hi Return to GoBotron

Unknown to anyone but the Master Renegade, another of his creations named Creepy was still on Antares III in a secret control room, while Vamp and Scorp were still secretly loyal to their creator. The trio conspired to free him, but their attempt to take over the human colony New Earth was unsuccessful. Quest for New Earth

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Antares system was also mentioned on the Tonka packaging for Monsterous, as well as in the pack-in bio for the mail-in version of Creepy.