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The Transgressor was a weapon devised by the Master Renegade. Optimised for disabling GoBots, it does... something.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

After the Guardians were fooled into thinking the Master Renegade was in fact the Last Engineer, he revealed himself when their Command Center was attacked by Thruster as it returned to GoBotron from Antares III. Small Foot attempted to rush her but the villainous GoBeing shot her with the Transgressor, and threatened to kill her unless he was allowed to leave and join the Renegades. Matt Hunter then had a go but was also knocked out, after which the Master Renegade was allowed to leave with Crasher - well, more or less. Small Foot was taken to GoBotron for treatment, where Rest-Q and Professor Von Joy found that the weapon had reversed her Modification. Putting her through the machine reversed the effect but in the meantime Cy-Kill had mass-produced the Transgressor, arming Roguestar and the Thruster fleet with the technology. As a result the Renegades were able to swiftly conquer GoBotron. The Fall of GoBotron After learning that a group of Guardians had escaped to Earth, Cy-Kill ordered the Master Renegade to begin modifying the Transgressor to work against humans. Flight to Earth However, the Master Renegade was growing tired of working with Cy-Kill, and attacked him on the bridge of Roguestar with his hand-held Transgressor. However, Cy-Kill was powerful enough to only be out for a few moments, and soon seized back power, having the Master Renegade imprisoned. Return to GoBotron

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • After it's used on Small Foot the actual effect of the Transgressor isn't mentioned - none of the Guardians refer to it again and the Renegades seem to take GoBotron by sheer firepower.
  • How exactly a device that renders GoBots unable to transform into vehicles would be useful against the human race is not clear.