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One of the last survivors of old GoBotron, the ancient GoBeing known only as the Last Engineer is a man out of time. A great inventor and scientist, his crown achievement was the development of the GoBot body: an upgrade that allowed the inhabitants of GoBotron to survive and carry on their civil war after their homeworld was rendered uninhabitable. Having re-emerged in modern times to the much-changed world of his birth, the Last Engineer has retired from an active role in the war in favor of seeking peace elsewhere in the galaxy.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Richard Dysart

An inhabitant of GoBotron in the final days before the first Renegade uprising, the Last Engineer worked on a variety of inventions intended to benefit his people, including the Power Ship would eventually become known as “Courageous”. Flight to Earth Then the Renegade war enveloped their world; the Last Engineer witnessed the destruction first-hand, which culminated in a cataclysmic asteroid impact that devastated their world’s biosphere. As one of the last survivors of the dying GoBeing race, the Last Engineer replaced some of his own body parts with cybernetic prostheses and devised the GoBot upgrade, which would house the vulnerable brains of the planet’s population inside durable transforming robotic bodies. As soon as he saved his people, he intended to leave for a research base on the planet Antares III. He left notice of this in the pedestal of a statue of himself on the Moon of Knowledge, which was found years later by Scooter and Nick Burns. Cy-Kill's Escape However, his ship was stolen by the evil Master Renegade, who had ordered the asteroid strike in the first place. With no other recourse the Last Engineer placed himself into suspended animation beneath Gobotron while the war effort continued between the surviving Guardians and Renegades, now wearing GoBot bodies. The Fall of GoBotron His video logs were secretly preserved on Gobotron’s Moon of Knowledge. Cy-Kill's Escape


The Last Engineer remained in stasis for a long period of time until, after accidentally releasing the Master Renegade, Scooter stumbled into the Last Engineer’s cryogenic tube and awoke the ancient GoBeing. Hoping to free the captured Leader-1, Sparky led the Last Engineer and the other Guardians to Gobotron’s Prison Moon. They arrived too late to save Leader-1 from the Renegade Disassembler, but the Guardians managed to retrieve his parts and the Last Engineer – after lifting some components from a Renegade base – converted a Modifier in his old laboratory into a repair device that pulled the Guardian leader back together, but at the cost of alerting the Renegades. Turbo fought off Crasher and Fitor while the Last Engineer converted his lab into Courageous and flew the group sans Turbo off-planet. On Earth, the humans informed General Newcastle of the Renegade assault on Gobotron and General Newcastle provided the Last Engineer with a UNECOM laboratory where he could complete the Courageous project. Leader-1 used one of his suits to help slow an incoming Command Center, and after welcoming a group of Guardian refugees to Earth the Last Engineer showed off the other three Power Suits to the Guardians. Flight to Earth The Guardians tried to retake Gobotron using their new inventions, but it wasn’t enough, so A.J. sent an SOS to UNECOM. They sent the Last Engineer aboard his ship, who sent the Monster GoBot warship crashing into the Roguestar. Faced with a fleet of Thrusters, he combined with the four Power Suits and formed the mighty Power Warrior Courageous ,who tuned the tide and destroyed Cy-Kill’s fleet. Return to GoBotron


The Last Engineer later joined Leader-1 and the Secret Riders on a mission to rescue the Pilgrim, UNECOM freighter bound for New Earth, from Renegades, where he devised a temporary solution to save the ship’s life-support system. Feeling more at ease among humans than GoBots, the Last Engineer decided to join the Earthling colonists and live among his own kind. The humans slipped by the Renegade blockade in a Command Center while Leader-1’s Guardians engaged the Renegades. On reaching New Earth, they discovered that the Master Renegade had beaten them there. The Master Renegade captured the Guardians and enslaved the colonists, but not before blasting his old rival unconscious with his eye beam. A Renegade power struggle gave Kelly Jeffries and Hanrahan to carry him to safety; once he had recovered, he chased down the escaping Master Renegade in a spaceship chase and shot him out of the sky. In the ensuing fistfight, the Last Engineer bounced the Master Renegade’s eye beam off his reflective prostheses and knocked him out cold. Before he could finish his old nemesis off, Creepy beamed the Master Renegade away. With the threat over, the Last Engineer settled into his new home, vowing to protect his planet should the Renegades ever threaten it again. Quest for New Earth

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Renegade Rhetoric[edit | edit source]

To hear Cy-Kill tell it, the Last Engineer was the fiendish despot who engineered the asteroid impact just to force the population of Gobotron into GoBot bodies. Renegade Rhetoric Using the Last Engineer's schematics, the Master Renegade created an exact copy of Courageous which he named "Grungy". Coup de Grunge While living on New Earth, the Last Engineer married Kelly and developed a polymorphic inducer intended to help duplicate Earth species that were difficult to import onto the planet. Unfortunately, the Master Renegade attacked the planet, stole the Last Engineer's weapon, and turned him into a parrot. Thanks to the efforts of the Guardians - which had been turned into humans themselves - they were able to undo the transformation. The Last Engineer captured the Master Renegade and imprisoned him for good. Human Resources He and Kelly eventually started a family, and together they took a trip to Quartex just in time to see a peace treaty signed between Gobotron, Earth, and Quartex. Combiner Wars part 2

"Echoes and Fragments"[edit | edit source]

The Last Engineer died at some point before the battle of Guardian City. Tail Pipe mentioned that he might have been able to repair the critically wounded Leader-1 had he still been alive. Echoes and Fragments

Transformers: Timelines[edit | edit source]

Treds swore by the Last Engineer. High Noon

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