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The First Renegade Revolt was a civil war on the planet GoBotron. Led by the Master Renegade, it had a huge effect on the planet, and was the catalyst for the creation of the GoBot species.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

The Master Renegade's followers preparing for their asteroid assault on GoBotron.

While the GoBeings of GoBotron were an advanced species they generally seem to have been a peaceable one, until the emergence of the Master Renegade. He and his followers fought the Guardians and wanted control of the planet and beyond, and were not above some very extreme methods. This led to them towing a huge asteroid through space and releasing it so it hit GoBotron, causing huge damage. The resulting changes to the planet and general ongoing state of war led to technical genius the Last Engineer devising the GoBot form, a robotic body that could house the brains of the GoBeings and allow them to survive. Despite this innovation the conflict itself continued, with GoBots on both sides, while the GoBeings became fewer and fewer in number. In order to work on further innovations without disruption the Last Engineer planned to relocate to a laboratory on Antares III; Cy-Kill's Escape however, his plan was discovered by the Master Renegade, who felt the battle was going against him. He managed to steal the Last Engineer's ship and travel to Antares III undetected, Quest for the Creator with the Last Engineer instead entering suspended animation in a hidden chamber on GoBotron itself. If these developments were known to any of their followers they were soon forgotten about. The Fall of GoBotron

GoBeings and GoBots fighting arm-in-arm. Literally, for some reason.

In the aftermath of their disappearance a power struggle broke out on GoBotron as myriad factions and warlords attempted to seize control; the most notable was the figure known only as the Evil One, whose antimatter Dark Heart weapon caused one of the planet's most dire periods before he was finally forced into exile. Like the Last Engineer and Master Renegade, the Evil One's deeds would become almost mythic.In Search of Ancient GoBonauts

The revolt rumbled on, albeit with less seismic consequences, and the Renegades were largely forced off GoBotron to bases elsewhere, such as the planet Xeros, and into banditry. A major factor in this turn of events were the Guardians, led by their High Protectors Leader-1, Cy-Kill and Zeemon. However, as their efforts to mop up the remaining Renegades were complicated by the attacks of the Parthian Raiders and Cy-Kill's growing frustrations with the Guardian Council the group were never quite defeated before Cy-Kill defected and took control of the Renegades. "Et Tu, Cy-Kill"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The implication is that the second Renegade Revolt is the one we're seeing now, i.e. the present-day events of Challenge of the GoBots. So thus far the second one is a bit of a minor tiff compared to the huge events of the first...
  • The history of the first Renegade Revolt is built up from a trio of flashbacks that - considering the control exercised elsewhere on the show - were likely written without reference to each other, meaning the narrative only just hangs together. This is thanks to the vagueness of it all in terms of timescale.
    • The flashbacks in "Et Tu, Cy-Kill" have the majority of the present-day cast as participants in at least the closing stages of the first revolt, and yet none of them have met the Last Engineer or Master Renegade, while the Evil One is considered a myth before his ship is discovered on Earth. From this it can be inferred that the conflict likely lasted thousands of years, and that most if not all of the GoBots in the show weren't alive at the start of the conflict.
    • That said, only "In Search of Ancient GoBonauts" gives any sort of solid date; there's nothing to really show that the flashbacks in "Et Tu, Cy-Kill" don't take place, say, a couple of years before the start of the series, and the raid for the Astrobeam in "Battle for GoBotron" is Cy-Kill's first major act as Renegade leader. The series never gives us any particular indication of how long GoBots live, or the finer details of the GoBeing to GoBot process, so again it's hard to be precise.