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Gonna save the world today, the Egyptian way!

In the age that followed the cataclysm which precipitated the evolution of GoBeings to GoBots, the ancient warrior known only as the Evil One arose on the planet GoBotron. His wickedness almost proved to be the undoing of his race when he nearly destroyed the entire planet, forcing him to flee across the stars to Earth. There, he was heralded as a god by the ancient human civilizations and influenced their development until his eventual demise... but the secrets he left behind live on, waiting for a worthy heir to the Evil One's power to find them...

What is eternity... to a god?

—The Evil One, "In Search of Ancient GoBonauts"


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

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The GoBot who came to be known as the Evil One was one of the warriors who fought for dominion over GoBotron in the days that followed the disappearance of the Master Renegade. He "harnessed the power of the stars" to create the antimatter weapon he called the Dark Heart, but when he turned it against his enemies, he caused a potentially catastrophic chain reaction that threatened to consume the entire planet. To save himself, he fled in a starship. In his absence, the GoBots were able to curtail the antimatter reaction and save their world, but grave damage had been done; the period of history that followed was known as the "Dark Times", characterized as "a thousand years of darkness," during which the exploits of "The Evil One," as history namelessly recorded him, fell into the realm of legend. He became mythologized as having dared to challenge the gods, only to be exiled from GoBotron by them for his heresy, and modern GoBots did not believe him to be anything more than a fairy tale.

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The Evil One landed on planet Earth, on the Nazca Plains in Peru, where the ancient human civilizations he came into contact with believed him to be god. He was a source of inspiration for many cultures, his physical appearance particularly influencing the aesthetics of ancient Egyptian, and at some point, he came to truly believe what they said about him: that he was a god, whose divinity had been denied by his contemporaries on GoBotron. But believing it did not make it so, for the Evil One was not an eternal being, and eventually, drawing near the end of his life, he determined to leave clues that would lead a worthy inheritor to the location of his Dark Heart, which he vowed would "wage war until none can fight." The Nazca Plains were marked with huge drawings to point the way to his buried ship, where the Dark Heart lay, and after sending out a drone containing a holographic map that led to the plains, the Evil One passed away inside his craft.

The drone crashed in Ecuador over 6,000 years ago, and the natives built a pyramid atop it. In the modern day, it was unearthed by archaeologist Doctor Cunningham and examined by Scooter of the Guardian GoBots, who discovered the holo-message and was terrified to discover that the legendary Evil One and his Dark Heart truly existed. Following the holo-map to the Nazca Plains, the Guardians uncovered the Evil One's ship, where they were met by the sight of the ancient GoBot's dead body and a recording he had left detailing his history. They located the Dark Heart, which was activated by Cunningham; its antimatter beam struck the Evil One's corpse and the chain reaction that had once threatened GoBotron began to spread once more. The Guardians and Renegades teamed up to contain the reaction, which explosively consumed the Evil One's ship, destroying it and his remains. Ironically, though, his prophecy had still come true: the GoBots were so drained of energy by the endeavor that "none could fight" further that day! In Search of Ancient GoBonauts

Fun Publications[edit]

Ask Vector Prime[edit]

Multiversal Transformer entity Vector Prime revealed that the Evil One was but one incarnation of his brother Megatronus, better known in other universes as The Fallen. He mused that this was not the only instance of his brother being connected to the pyramids of Earth. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/05/30 TFWikiFavicon.png

Renegade Rhetoric[edit]

Cy-Kill was heard to swear "by the Evil One" at the preposterousness of the notion he would be able to turn all the inhabitants of Earth into Renegades. Renegade Rhetoric, 2015/10/13


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  • The Evil One was one of a small number of original GoBot characters created for the Challenge of the GoBots animated series. He has no obvious alternate mode, but is physically designed to resemble an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, with a flared headdress and striped mummy-bandage pattern across his chest. His influence of ancient human cultures was inspired by the ancient astronaut theory—in particular, the TV adaptation of the book Chariots of the Gods?.
  • The idea that the Evil One and The Fallen are the same character was introduced thirty years after the fact in Fun Publications' "Ask Vector Prime" column. The Fallen is (or used to be) what Transformers fiction terms a multiversal singularity, a singular being who expresses themselves in multiple forms across multiple dimensions; "The Evil One" is his expression in the Challenge of the GoBots universe.
  • Like every other GoBot, a "Transformers" body was created for the Evil One for artwork featured in Fun Publications' "Renegade Rhetoric" column. Naturally, his new look was based on The Fallen's appearance in Revenge of the Fallen, colored in the Evil One's blue and yellow color scheme.

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