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GoBeings were once the dominant species on GoBotron before severe changes to the planet required the inhabitants to upgrade to being GoBots.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

GoBeings battling during the First Renegade Revolt

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

GoBeings were almost identical physiology to humans, at least initially, and had a highly advanced civilisation capable of space flight and undertaking considerable extension of GoBotron. They also used cybernetic technology to replace various organs as others wore out. However, their way of life was changed when a group of terrorists led by the Master Renegade used an asteroid to devastate the planet. The resulting changes to GoBotron's atmosphere and the civil war known as the Renegade Revolt forced the surviving GoBeings to undergo the Last Engineer's GoBot process, placing their brains in fully robotic bodies in order to survive. Cy-Kill's Escape

Both the Last Engineer The Fall of GoBotron and the Master Renegade Quest for the Creator would survive these events in suspended animation, making them the last two known surviving GoBeings.

Known GoBeings[edit | edit source]