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Xeros is a planet, and was at one point a base for the Renegades.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

As the events of the Renegade Revolt finally began to wind down a group of Renegades - including Zero, Loco, Hornet, Klaws and Bugsie - retreated to Xeros, setting up a base. However, news of this reached the Guardian Council and as the boastful High Protector Cy-Kill was spoiling for a fight he volunteered to lead a team to deal with the remnants of the Renegades. He took Dart and Bullseye to Xeros with him but they were detected by Loco and Hornet, and attacked by Zero, Klaws and Bugsie. Zero personally shot down Cy-Kill and taunted him for his weakness and Guardian ideals, though Dart was able to swoop in and save his commander from a fatal blow. The trio of Guardians were forced to escape - and more crucially the shame of the defeat would be a major factor in Cy-Kill's defection to the Renegades himself. "Et Tu, Cy-Kill"

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