Ring of Fire

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Challenge of the GoBots ep 40
"Ring of Fire"
Airdate November 8, 1985
Written by Kelly Ward, Jeff Segal and Michael Hamm
Animation studio Hanna-Barbera

Cy-Kill plans to devastate the Earth by causing vast destruction along the Pacific Rim.


Featured characters[edit]

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  • The Guardians are remarkably dim this episode. Or maybe it's just a facet of how poorly the plot hangs together.
    • Leader-1 congratulates Nick and Scooter on their brilliant plan to stop the Renegades: Find where they are.
    • Once they do, Leader-1's next step is to call Cy-Kill on the phone and say, "We know where you are, I'm coming to surrender." So...Nick and Scoot accomplished nothing, because Cy-Kill was going to tell Leader-1 where to go anyway for his surrender.
    • Then, Leader-1 brings an invisible Scooter and Small Foot along as back-up, but tells them to do nothing. Moments later, Small Foot cries, "We need to find Leader-1!"
    • When Leader-1 walks into the Renegade camp to surrender, and is in fact captured, Scooter remarks, "Oh, no! Cy-Kill's got Leader-1! I guess his plan backfired!" What was the plan, then?
  • The Renegades sent for reinforcements. They have a guy who turns into a crane, named Crain Brain. So why is Cop-Tur left manually operating a crane that can't possibly be to scale for him?
  • Not an error, but while Cy-Kill's talking about how gullible Guardians are, Leader-1 is just sitting there quietly shaking his head back and forth like, 'Nuh-UH!"
  • Also, the ignorant island native stereotypes contribute absolutely nothing to the plot. None of the GoBots ever even acknowledge they're there.

Continuity notes[edit]

  • Gadgets and Powers:
    • Scooter disguises himself and Small Foot behind a holographic cloud of smoke to trail Leader-1 unseen to the Renegades' hideout.
    • Vamp traps Leader-1 in an energy-draining force field.
    • Scooter uses a giant boulder hologram to roll over the Renegades.

Continuity errors[edit]

  • Crasher scores a direct hit on the ship with Thruster's blasters, but then the Renegades act as if she missed entirely.
  • Cy-Kill is seen standing right next to Crasher when she downs the Command Center, but Crasher was at the Thruster and Cy-Kill was back at their base. Indeed, Crasher and Cy-Kill are seen returning to base in Thruster later.

Animation and technical errors[edit]

  • Scooter's proportions are oddly warped during the opening scenes, especially his head. His eyes keep bugging out of their sockets as well.
  • Crasher speaks in Cy-Kill's voice, telling Crasher to fire at will.
  • The "Ring of Fire" is a figurative term for the ring of volcanoes found around the Pacific Rim. That said, Leader-1 and General Newcastle are watching an actual ring of fire on their viewscreen when Cy-Kill's tests his power.
  • There is an enormous amount of background muttering and murmuring at UNECOM, as if Leader-1 is addressing a large crowd. Scooter has to cup his hands around his mouth to be heard, and Leader-1 has to dramatically quiet the room in order to hear him. But...there's only three humans and three Guardians present. Where's all that noise coming from?
  • Meanwhile, Matt is doing some weird dance in the corner that involves jazz fingers.
  • Small Foot's eyes vanish when she and Scooter first come out of the hologram.
  • When Leader-1 ducks Cop-Tur's flying rotor, it doesn't fly past him. The rotor just sort of vanishes halfway over his back.
  • After the commercial break, Small Foot's eyes are missing again, and her face is completely red.
  • The red rectangles on Crasher's chest are missing as she prepares to drop Leader-1 in lava.
  • Vamp is drawn with something resembling a mouth as the volcano begins to cave in, as opposed to her usual grill.

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