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Don is a human from Barstow and an amateur racing driver. He is best friends with Greg and a sworn enemy of Rick and Bill.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Michael Sheehan

Don and Greg were planning to contest the Barstow Grand Prix but lacked a car. Fortunately their search of a local junkyard bore fruit in the form of a battered high performance sports car. Little did they know that their new ride was actually the inert Guardian Turbo, who had hidden in the back of an old truck after a near-fatal run-in with the Renegades. Thankfully for Turbo, Greg was able to persuade Don that the car was worth salvaging, and the pair were able to save the vehicle from being crushed - just. They took him back to Greg's garage - unaware that the GoBot's self-repair systems had already kicked in. Later they took 'their' car out for a spin, aggravating stock bullies Rick and Bill, who would also be entering the race. Unknown to Don or Greg, the pair placed a bomb on Turbo before the race. With Don as navigator they did well in the race, even though Rick and Bill threw fireworks and tyre-spikes at them. By now the Guardians Scooter and Small Foot had located their comrade, but so had the Renegade Snoop - leading to Crasher, Spoiler and Slicks also joining the race, wrecking many of the other competitors. Don and Greg were able to keep safe - or rather Turbo, returning to health, was. After the Astrobeam reversed, only Crasher and Rick & Bill were left challenging for the race. The latter pair detonated their bomb but even that wasn't enough to stop Turbo, causing the human villains to crash, while Cy-Kill's brief activation of the Electromagnetic Neutralizer knocked out the circuit's lights, causing Crasher to also plough out of the race. Greg and Don then took victory as the sole remaining car in the race - only to be stunned when Scooter appeared, completed the repairs and their car was finally able to transform into the cheerful Turbo. Speed Is of the Essence

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Challenge of the GoBots is always very, very vague about the ages of any humans but Don is treated like a teenager despite looking well over thirty.