Electromagnetic Neutralizer

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SpeedofEssence electromagnetic neutralizer.jpg

The Electromagnetic Neutralizer is a Renegade device designed by Cy-Kill capable of knocking out the electrical grid of human cities.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

The Renegades built the Electromagnetic Neutralizer at a secret base near Barstow. The location was discovered by Turbo but the Guardian was heavily damaged by Crasher, Tank and Screw Head. Cy-Kill planned to use the device to knock out the power supply of whole cities and hold them to ransom as a result. However, the disappearance of Turbo meant Leader-1 and Van Guard also came across the base. They overcame Scales but Cy-Kill was able to briefly able to blackout Barstow - unwittingly foiling Crasher's efforts in the Barstow Grand Prix - before he was overpowered and the device switched off. Cy-Kill called a retreat, and the Guardian duo destroyed the device. Speed Is of the Essence