Space Bender

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Doppelganger smallfoot fires spacebender.jpg

The Space Bender was a Guardian weapon. No-one's really sure what it was meant to do but its' robot-destroying abilities make it just the piece of random kit to have lying around when the Renegades try to replace everyone with robot duplicates.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter demonstrated the Space Bender for UNECOM but the device shorted out and the Guardians were called to Washington, D.C. after a Renegade alert. However, it was a trap and Leader-1 was attacked and kidnapped by Crasher, Cop-Tur and Doctor Go. He was replaced by a robot double and the process was carried out on numerous key Guardians on GoBotron, with no-one seeming to notice the 'double' having a totally different personality until it was too late. Scooter and the humans Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster and Nick Burns were able to discover the plot. They recruited Small Foot, who discovered that the Space Bender fried the mechanical brains of the duplicates. After finding and releasing the real Guardians from the Moon of Shadows the group were then faced with trying to tell GoBot from doppelganger, and Small Foot used it to swipe out many of the duplicates before it was blown up by the Leader-1 double. Thankfully the real Leader-1 was able to beat his double conventionally. Doppelganger