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The GoBotron Fortress is a Guardian base on GoBotron.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

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The Fortress was built on GoBotron as a Guardian facility. When the Rock Lord Solitaire and her companion Nuggit arrived on the planet they were taken to the Fortress, where they explained their plight to Leader-1, Turbo, Scooter, Zeemon, Heat Seeker, Sparky, Dozer, Rest-Q, Matt, A.J. and Nick - unaware that they were being observed by Fitor. Soon after the Fortress was rocked by explosions as a huge fleet of Renegade Thrusters attacked the planet. Most of the Guardians were called to the defence of the planet, allowing Cy-Kill to break into the Fortress and abducted Solitaire, Small Foot, A.J. and Nick. After he escaped the Guardians reconvened at the Fortress and planned a rescue. Battle of the Rock Lords


Such a tease.



  • GoBotron Fortress (1986)
    • Accessories: ?
The GoBotron Fortress was to be a large Tonka-designed playset built to interact with standard GoBots figures and double as a carry case. The set could open up to reveal several features:
  • An Astrobeam Chamber that could slide down and 'hide' figures
  • A flipping map trap door
  • A Periscope Scanner
  • An Elevator
  • An opening gun bay.
Sadly, despite featuring prominently in Tonka's 1986 dealer catalogue (where it was given the assortment number 7258), on the Collect the GoBots World of Adventure! catalogue and in a cross-sell on the rear of the Space Hawk's box, the GoBotron Fortress was never released due to the cancellation of the GoBots line soon afterwards, especially as it would have been a high-ticket item.
*Not available in stores

This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.


  • Someone, somewhere has the prototype for this thing and we envy them.