Prison Moon

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The Prison Moon is one of the moons of GoBotron and as its' name suggests is a large state-of-the-art holding facility used by the Guardians for detaining Renegades; it also contains a Disassembler. Its' dark side is incredibly cold and seemingly rarely patrolled, while its' power system is poorly organised.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]


The Renegades Cy-Kill, Fitor, Crasher, Cop-Tur, Destroyer, Crain Brain and Geeper-Creeper were among those disarmed and held prisoner on the Moon awaiting trial on GoBotron, under the watch of Hans-Cuff, Blaster and Flip Top. The Command Center was on route to the moon to collect Cy-Kill for his trial when the Renegade triggered an escape plan; once the guards turned off the energy beams on his cell he threw one of his wheels at Blaster, with a resulting stray missile from the Guardian knocking out Flip Top and allowing Fitor to get out of his cell as well. The pair soon overpowered Hans-Cuff and escaped to the dark side of the Prison Moon, where Cy-Kill had squirreled away a ship, arranging for the arrival of a stealth device to cover their escape and destroying the moon's power generator, triggering a mass breakout. In the resulting events Turbo was frozen on the dark side of the moon while Scooter and Nick were chased by Crasher before accidentally teleporting to the Moon of Knowledge. The Renegades left on the Prison Moon were still loose but after the Command Center moved off to follow Scooter's distress signal they were unable to leave. Cy-Kill's Escape However, soon afterwards the Master Renegade was accidentally returned from exile by the Guardians, Quest for the Creator and the combination of his Transgressor technology and Cy-Kill's fleet - led by Roguestar - soon overpowering the Guardian defences, with Leader-1 captured. Most of the planet was soon under their control, as was the Prison Moon. Ever the ham, Cy-Kill decided he liked the idea of Disassembling the captured Guardian leader, assigning Psycho, Stinger and Stallion to carry it out while he watched remotely. However, the Guardians who hadn't yet fallen discovered the Last Engineer, and Sparky - a former guard at the prison moon - led a rescue mission. However, they were unable to prevent Leader-1 being Disassembled, though they did take out the Renegades present, even after Bad Boy and Block Head arrived as reinforcements. The Guardians were then able to leave and save Leader-1's components, eventually reassembling him. The Fall of GoBotron

Following the liberation of GoBotron Return to GoBotron the Prison Moon returned to Guardian control as well, and was the planned destination of Gunnyr and Bug Bite after their cruel regime on Level 17 was toppled The GoBots That Time Forgot; presumably security hadn't got any better, as Gunnyr was soon able to join the Renegades. Mission: GoBotron