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"hOw dO yoU thInK i gOT tHeSe sCaRS?!?"

Trident is a true supervillain - a cyborg with deadly hand adornments and a volcano lair full of holding cells is just the sort of comic book OTT attitude Cy-Kill looks for in an ally, especially as there's no way he'd outsmart the Renegade.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Philip L. Clarke

The man who would become Trident[1] had worked on UNECOM's Disruptor before something happened that would force a man to replace much of his body with robotics, buy a volcano and plot revenge on the world.[2] Whatever that thing was Trident responded in the only way any man could - replacing his left hand with a three-function mechanical version that featured a crushing claw, powerful drill and laser before hooking up with the Renegades to conquer Earth, or at least be made governor of it.[3] Along with Cy-Kill he plotted the capture of the high-speed train shipping the Disruptor to UNECOM and had the Renegades Crasher, Cop-Tur and Loco haul it back to his hideout. While they had overwhelmed the Guardian Small Foot the train still contained UNECOM agent Matt Hunter, whose attempt to fight Trident gave the villain a chance to monologue about the "triple threat" his robot hand represented before imprisoning him. Trident then set about exploiting his knowledge of the Disruptor to turn it into a limitless Astrobeam. The plan was simple - Trident would beam world leaders into his cells until all the countries of the world surrendered, at which point Cy-Kill would make him Renegade Governor of Earth. Everything seemed to be going well, with a hare-brained rescue attempt from A.J. Foster and Nick Burns only adding to the villains' hostages. However the arrival of Leader-1, Turbo, Small Foot and Scooter turned the tide, and the strain on Trident's defences, allowing Matt, Nick and A.J. to get free. Matt squared up to Trident for a rematch. The villain twirled his drill and... Matt threw him into a wall where his drill stuck, sending him spinning around[4] like an absolute plum. And thus ended Trident's criminal career.Trident's Triple Threat


  • Both Trident and General Orlando have vague "European"-sounding accents. Given that "Orlando" is an Italian name, plus the general's darker complexion, he can probably be assumed to hail from Italy. If this means the Disrupter project was Italian in origin, perhaps Trident is supposed to be Italian as well, pale skin notwithstanding.
  • Seriously though, what a complete ****ing weapon.


  1. Unless it was already his name and the whole metaphorical-trident-for-an-arm thing was just a lucky coincidence
  2. We don't find out what, or how he is able to quickly put together his whole Doctor Evil operation when the GoBots have only been around for a year or two tops for him to have been working on the Disruptor.
  3. It was the eighties, therapy was for Yuppies.