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The Disruptor is a device devised by UNECOM to block the Renegades' Astrobeam.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

After the prototype was completed it was to be sent to the Guardians for field testing on a high-speed train. Small Foot and Matt Hunter were assigned by the Guardians to protect the train - much to the displeasure of General Orlando, who felt they were unnecessary. Little did they know that the Renegades were already aware of the Disruptor's existence. Watching with his new ally Trident, Cy-Kill dispatched Crasher, Cop-Tur and Loco to attack the train, and despite Small Foot's best efforts she was Looney Tuned over a cliff, allowing Loco to take the train, Matt, Orlando and the Disruptor. The Renegades were able to take it to Trident's volcano headquarters, presumably due to good rail links, where Trident revealed he had in fact been one of the scientists who worked on the Disruptor - and that he could turn it into a limitless Astrobeam to abduct the world's leaders. Once the Guardians had found out and recovered Small Foot, Scooter scanned Earth for the Disruptor's distinctive energy signal. He didn't have to wait long as Trident wasted little time in kidnapping key politicians from around the world. However, the Guardians and their allies were able to storm the volcano and free the hostages - while Scooter used the Disruptor to beam the Renegades to the Crescent Nebula. Trident's Triple Threat


  • Despite being hugely successful and surviving the episode, the Disruptor was never seen again, obviously.