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General Orlando is a stereotypically Mediterranean rotund, stubborn, histrionic military officer.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Frank Welker

When the prototype Disruptor was prepared to be shipped to the Guardians by high-speed train General Orlando was assigned to provide security. However he baulked at the presence of Small Foot as extra protection, feeling the GoBot was unnecessary and making his feelings known to both her and Matt Hunter. Little did he know that the Renegades were about to hit the train. Watching with his new ally Trident, Cy-Kill dispatched Crasher, Cop-Tur and Loco to attack the train, and while Small Foot was eventually overwhelmed Orlando and his men didn't fare much better, getting taken with the train to the cyborg's volcano lair. There he generally watched and flounced helplessly as Trident rigged the Disruptor to work as an unlimited Astrobeam and kidnap the world's leaders. Thankfully, the Guardians and their human allies were able to trace the Disruptor and attack Trident's base, eventually gaining control of the device and freeing everyone. Chastened, Orlando apologised to the GoBots and their friends for ever doubting them. Trident's Triple Threat


  • Both Trident and General Orlando have vague "European"-sounding accents. Given that "Orlando" is an Italian name, plus the general's darker complexion, he can probably be assumed to hail from Italy.
  • Even through the Disruptor is identified as being made by UNECOM, Orlando and his men don't seem to be part of the organisation - though the series is always vague about who exactly works for UNECOM and who works with UNECOM.