Major Benedict

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Major Benedict is a human UNECOM officer - and a Renegade spy.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Peter Cullen
"You want me to act shiftier? But you wouldn't even see it. Okay, okay..."

As part of his work for the Renegades, Benedict deliberately provided weak security for the psychic Sean Roberts, allowing Cy-Kill, Crasher, Cop-Tur, Pincher and Block Head to capture the boy. He avoided detection for his part and was later able to arrange a wild goose chase, sending the Guardians to Triton to search for the Renegades and then deactivating the forcefield of the space station containing Sean's mother. This allowed Crasher to capture her, as Cy-Kill wanted her to use as leverage to combat Sean's refusal to share his visions with the Renegades. While the kidnapping was a success Benedict was left behind, exposed and arrested. He was subsequently interrogated by General Newcastle but Benedict feared reprisals and refused to give any information. He was seemingly saved by a Renegade rescue mission and was initially delighted, only to realise it was a ploy to lead the Guardians into a trap on Earth. He finally stood up to the Renegades by shutting down the Brainstormer before it killed Sean in the showdown between the Guardians and the Renegades. The Seer