Mrs. Roberts

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Mrs. Roberts is a human.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Tress MacNeille

Mrs. Roberts' son Sean lost his sight at an early age after an accident, and the boy developed psychic abilities soon afterwards. As such he was put under the protection of UNECOM; however Sean had visions of the Renegades taking him away and so his mother alerted General Newcastle. To ward this off, they were put under guard at a base commanded by Major Benedict but the security arrangements were not adequate and the boy was indeed kidnapped by the Renegades. Sean refused to talk under interrogation, so Cy-Kill plotted to also kidnap his mother as leverage. UNECOM anticipated this but as Benedict was actually a Renegade spy Mrs. Roberts was also easily captured - effectively giving herself up and throwing Crasher with her demand to be taken to her son. Threats against her made Sean much more compliant. His visions predicted a Guardian defeat, much to Cy-Kill's delight. Using the pretence of a rescue of Benedict, the Renegades were able to lure the Guardians to the lumber yard and their seeming doom. However, what Sean had seen a vision of was actually one of Scooter's holograms, and the Guardians survived to rescue the boy and his mother. Sean's ordeal in the Brainstormer stripped him of his precognitive abilities but he and his mother were happy, as this meant the Renegades would have no further interest in him. The Seer