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Rome is the capital of Italy and it was the capital of the Roman Empire, a frequent destination for time travellers.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

217 years before Christ was born a clash between Roman soldiers and barbarians was halted by the arrival of a trio of large metal gods. These spurred the Roman troops to pursue a group of barbarian gods when they arrived shortly afterwards, burying them under rocks. The Roman General prepared to parade the vanquished in front of the Roman Emperor, electing jeers and taunts from the plebeians. The leader of the gods felt he would be better suited to becoming emperor. Two strangely dressed humans were spotted in the crowd and turned over to the blacksmith Marcus to be trained as gladiators. The strangers performed well, defeating their opponent and a pair of panthers, and as such were allowed to ask a favour of the Emperor. The elder of the strangers requested to see the Roman gods fight their barbarian rivals once again. The Roman gods looked set to win before their opponents disappeared in a haze of smoke. Frustrated, the head god staged a coup and installed himself as emperor. However Marcus remained unconvinced of their provenance, and agreed to help his gladiators and the barbarian gods to overthrow the false emperor - who had already had a huge statue of himself constructed. A demon from the air and another strangely dressed human then arrived, destroying the statue. Marcus meanwhile continued his work on the barbarian gods, who set off to face the new god-emperor as the Roman General informed him of the statue's destruction. The gods thought once again, and this time the barbarian gods were victorious - with Marcus proclaiming the deposed gods to be false. Both groups then disappeared, though one of the barbarian gods made enough of an impression for his visage to be turned into a statue. Time Wars