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South America is a continent on Earth. It is south of North America. Countries in the continent include Peru and Ecuador.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

UNECOM reserve officer Doctor Cunningham undertook an archaeological dig in Ecuador, and discovered an alien spacecraft underneath a 6,000 year old pyramid, together with a strange relic that changed shape. General Newcastle called upon Scooter to examine it, and he identified it as a piece of GoBotic technology. Believing it could be linked to the legendary Dark Heart. Scooter, A.J. Foster and Nick Burns were then sent on to Ecuador to help the excavations, where the Guardian soon identified the craft as a scout drone. Investigating its' computer banks he found that both the Dark Heart and the Evil One were not only real but had crash-landed somewhere on Earth. However, Cunningham - secretly a Renegade spy - tipped off Cy-Kill, who arrived in Ecuador with Crasher and Cop-Tur. After a brief stand-off Scooter was able to destroy the drone, while Leader-1 and Turbo arrived to drive off the Renegades. The Guardians realised that after the Evil One fled GoBotron with the Dark Heart antimatter weapon he interacted with several ancient human cultures. As the end of his life neared he set up a tomb using his ship in what would later become Peru, even creating the Nazca Lines as the final clue to its' location so a successor to his mantle could find his resting place. Matt Hunter probably wasn't what he had in mind but as his deduction was shared with Cunningham the scheme did its' job. The Guardians travelled to Peru and dug down to the Evil One's ship, unaware that the Renegades were present using stealth devices and watching their every move. When the Dark Heart was found Cunningham revealed his betrayal by handing it over to a decloaking Cy-Kill. Leader-1 was successful in talking Cy-Kill down from using the device but Cunningham had no such scruples and triggered the Dark Heart in an attempt to end existence. It took the combined energy of Leader-1, Turbo, Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur and Crasher] to contain the antimatter wave but they were ultimately successful. The exhausted Renegades retreated and the Guardians took the Dark Heart to a safe hiding place. In Search of Ancient GoBonauts

Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots annuals[edit]

After a NASA expedition to South America's longest river, the Amazon, discovered a colony of Magma Worms the Renegades planned to use against the Guardians. However, Leader-1, Dumper and Dozer were able to trigger a volcanic reaction that buried the creatures under so much lava it would take them 17 billion years to return to the surface. The Rumbling Jungle