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So gullible he can trick himself into looking over there.

Alva-Nar is a highly powerful alien from Nar-El with power far beyond most other beings. However, like other omnipotent aliens Alva-Nar has a blind spot where he automatically assumes people with the word "Kill" in their name are trustworthy.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Zale Kessler

Alva-Nar and his mothership Avenger - along with his armada of drone ships - appeared near GoBotron as the Guardians and Renegades battled in their ships. Cy-Kill spotted the Avenger and moved Thruster closer. The ship seized them in an energy field and dragged them away, through a peculiar cloudbank. Alva-Nar greeted them, introducing himself as a noble adventurer. Cy-Kill convinced the alien that the Guardians are the aggressors, and he sent his fleet to attack the Command Center as it drews near. Alva-Nar brought the Guardians aboard his ship as well and subjected them to his Truth Scanner; Leader-1 was happy to oblige but Cy-Kill initially refused - only acquiescing when Alva-Nar became suspicious. Cy-Kill was able to trick the Truth Scanner by carefully phrasing his answer so as not to actually lie, stating that "the Guardians are trying to eradicate us," which convinced Alva-Nar to side with the Renegades. The alien teleported the Guardians back to the Command Center, and announced his intent to help Cy-Kill "liberate" GoBotron.

Cy-Kill immediately began plotting to take control of Alva-Nar's fleet and use it to conquer the universe. The Guardians Turbo and Scooter then listened in on Alva-Nar and the Renegades after the fall of Industrial Moon Zeta Three as the alien's computer divulged a battle plan for the attack on GoBotron itself the following day. The news that the attack will take only three minutes alarmed them, but they came away with a piece of vital information: the ships are just drones, programmed and controlled by Alva-Nar himself. He sternly warned them that, after GoBotron has been reclaimed, there will be peace, not further reprisal against the Guardians. The Renegades all concurred, just about. Just as the attack was set to commence the next day, Cy-Kill made his play to take over the drone fleet - only to find that Alva-Nar's computer refused to take orders from him, forcing the Renegade to cede command back to Alva-Nar, who agreed to continue with the attack on GoBotron all the same. The fleet moved into the planet's atmosphere and soon came under fire. Alva-Nar refused to fire a single shot in return, and instead ordered Cy-Kill and the Renegades off his ship. Realizing that the failed takeover bid had made the alien wise to their true natures, the Renegades had no choice but to depart aboard Thruster, running a hail of Guardian fire. With their weapons systems disabled by Alva-Nar, the villains only just managed to limp away to safety when their stealth device finally recharged at the last minute. Alva-Nar apologized to the Guardians and makes peace with them, then departed to continue on his adventures. Renegade Alliance

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While organic, Alva-Nar is still around three metres tall, usually being about the same height as Crasher.