Scooter Strides Out

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Robo Machine featuring The Challenge of the GoBots Annuals
Scooter Strides Out
Publisher World International Publishing Limited
First published Autumn 1985
Cover date 1986
Writer Uncredited
Artist Uncredited
Printed in Robo Machine featuring the GoBots Annual 1986

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A battle between the Guardians and Renegades has been raging among mountains on Earth for two days. Dumper, Spay-C and Rest-Q have been injured, as have Fitor and Tank. Turbo meanwhile is battling Crasher, while The Buggy Man and Geeper-Creeper are ganging up on Scooter. Turbo was able to save his friend and get him back to the Command Centre to recharge.

There Matt, Nick and A.J. are carrying out repairs on Dumper. Turbo drops off Scooter and heads back into battle. There Leader-1, Royal-T, Hans-Cuff and Dozer are making progress - until Leader-1 realises he hasn't seen Cy-Kill in a while. As Turbo returns he puts his fellow Guardian in charge and sets off to look for the slippery Renegade leader. He heads back to the Command Centre, finding Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur had attacked it, taking Matt and A.J. while knocking Nick out after dropping Dumper on him. Leader-1 used a Reviver Beam to bring the boy around and took him in his cockpit for safety before heading back to the battle, where the Renegades had been forced to retreat into Thruster. However, they see Matt and A.J. dangling from a rope carried by Cop-Tur, with Cy-Kill threatening to drop them unless the Guardians surrender. Unwilling to harm the humans, Leader-1 agrees and Thruster returns. Crasher and The Buggy Man unload the Astrobeam, preparing to beam the Guardians into the sun.

Everyone is saved when Scooter appears. Left charging through all of this, his circuits are so full he has grown a hundred feet tall. Impervious to Cy-Kill's blasts, he simply plucks Cop-Tur out of the air before setting Matt and A. J. down. Scooter then hurls Cop-Tur off over the horizon, while Leader-1 blasts Crasher as the other Guardians take their chance to attack. They soon retreat to Thruster, which Scooter is able to grab and prevent from blasting off.

However, Scooter then collapses, and Leader-1 realises they have to drain off the excess energy before it burns out his circuits. The other Guardians successfully siphon it and he returns to normal size, walking up to remark that maybe it isn't a bad thing after all.

Cast[edit | edit source]

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