Nova Beam (weapon)

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This article is about the titular weapon. For the Challenge of the GoBots episode, see Nova Beam (episode).
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The Nova Beam is a device invented by Zebediah Braxis. It is capable of destroying stars; as with most star-destroying weapons it takes some time to charge up, though how much varies according to the demands of the narrative.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Braxis built the device after being freed from Tri-State Prison by the Renegades, though he was under considerable duress. The device was fitted to Roguestar and test-fired, destroying the star Nywilak by overloading it in a matter of hours - though Braxis had been aiming for a different solar system altogether. Nywilak was within GoBotron's scanner range and the beam attracted the attention of the Guardians, who assembled the GoBotron Security Council in response. A second test destroyed Norrem, at which point Cy-Kill took great pleasure in dropping Braxis back on Earth, where he was found by a farmer and imprisoned once again. However, unable to find Roguestar the Guardians were forced to ask Braxis for help to save Earth, which was the Renegades' next target. Thanks to the Nova Beam's demands on Roguestar's power, the ship's stealth field was deactivated and the Guardians were able to devise a strategy with Braxis' help, guiding a comet into the path of the beam, deflecting it back towards the Renegade cruiser. As Cy-Kill had neglected to find out from Braxis how to turn the thing off he was forced to jettison the weapon before it exploded in space. Nova Beam