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The Nywilak system, complete with star about to go nova.

Nywilak is was a planet orbiting the star of the same name.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Nywilak was the first victim of the Renegades' new Nova Beam, though Doctor Braxis had actually been aiming his new invention at a completely different star. As it was, the residents of Nywilak were able to get a distress call out, which was picked up by Staks on GoBotron. He reported it to Zeemon, and Path Finder traced the source to Earth's solar system. The GoBotron Security Council were convened but moments later Nywilak and its' entire solar system were destroyed. Nova Beam

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  • Staks distinctly says he's received a message from Nywilak, implying that there's someone on the planet to broadcast it. And there's no reference to anyone being evacuated, or even much time between the Nova Beam is detected and the star being destroyed, suggesting Braxis wipes out inhabited planets by accident. Bummer.