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The Farmer is a human who farms on a farm. While he's a hick and has a questionable grasp of the universe's geography and the capability of phones he does at least keep up with world events.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Philip L. Clarke

After creating the Nova Beam for the Renegades, Zebediah Braxis was on the receiving end of Cy-Kill's twisted sense of humour when he found himself dumped back on Earth, the weapon's next target. After Pincher dropped him back off he attempted to raise the alarm, running up to a farmhouse and knocking on the door. However, the farmer who lived at the house soon recognised Braxis from his much-publicised efforts to subjugate the entire human race a short while beforehand and accused Braxis of trying to phone his alien friends on Mars, instead calling the police and getting the disgraced scientist returned to his cell at the Tri-State Prison. Nova Beam

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