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Marcus was a blacksmith and gladiator trainer in Rome, and possibly the smartest person in the city.



Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

When the Renegades travelled back in time via the Chronos Time Transporter to Ancient Rome in 217BC and took advantage of General Commodus declaring them gods the pursuing Guardians were battered into submission by Roman troops and taken prisoner. Matt Hunter and Nick Burns were able to escape but were caught later when their strange clothes were noticed. They were given to Marcus to be trained as gladiators, and he did a good enough job that they defeated their opponent. Granted a favour by the Emperor Maximus, they asked the Guardians be given another chance to fight the Renegades to prove the latter weren't gods. While the badly damaged Guardians were defeated they were able to escape thanks to quick thinking from Turbo and Scooter, causing a frustrated Cy-Kill to depose the Emperor. Marcus, already believing the Renegades weren't gods, then worked with Matt and Nick to repair the Guardians, who defeated the Renegades before returning to the present day. Time Wars


  • Marcus Aurelius Marius was a famous Roman blacksmith who would later become Emperor, but this is almost certainly a massive coincidence.