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The Gladiator was an athlete-entertainer in ancient Rome. He is to combat as Night Ranger is to guard duty.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

The Gladiator was the opponent of Matt Hunter and Nick Burns in the arena, performing in front of the disinterested Emperor Maximus and the Renegades, who were posing as Roman gods. The battle started well for the gladiator, who soon knocked Nick on his backside. However, the pair soon took out the pair of panthers he was fighting alongside. This led to the gladiator making the poor tactical decision to mysteriously lose his trident and stand in one place shaking his empty fist until Matt used his own trident to pin his skirt to the wall, much to the delight of the time-travellers' friend Marcus. Luckily for him that signalled the end of the fight.Time Wars

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