Peaceful Hills

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Peaceful Hills is a small rural town in the United States of America.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

On the run from the Earth's population when they were under the control of Doctor Braxis' pulsar generator, Turbo and Scooter were pursued to Peaceful Hills by the human police and army. There they took refuge in a cornfield, and found themselves on a collision course with a combine harvester. Turbo played chicken with the machine's human driver and emerged triumphant, crashing into it and shattering its blades with his powerful GoBot body. Scooter then used his hologram powers to disguise them both as a haystack, leaving the police to speed away in search of them. The two hid in a nearby barn to recuperate, but soon received a communication from Crasher transmitted over their internal frequencies. She and Cop-Tur had arrived in the area with Nick and A.J., threatening to kill the two humans if the Guardians did not show themselves. Seconds before Crasher's ultimatum expired, Cy-Kill drove up with news of a spaceship landing nearby. Suspecting more Guardians had arrived, he takes custody of the kids and sent Crasher, Cop-Tur, and the police to investigate... but once the villains left, Turbo appears and "Cy-Kill" revealed himself to be Scooter in a holographic disguise. Still under Renegade control, Nick and A.J. attempted to run away but Turbo grabbed them and bundled them into his cockpit. He and Scooter relocated to New York City in hopes of finding some equipment to break Cy-Kill's control over their friends by building frequency neutralizers.