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Alaric is a powerful but peaceful alien, whose knowledge and wisdom are only rivalled by his astonishing gullibility.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Billy Barty

Once a great warrior, Alaric roamed the universe after most of his people moved on to a different plane of existence. His search for a recipient of his gift of wisdom brought him to Earth, where he arrived in the midst of a battle between the Guardians and the Renegades. While he intervened to save Leader-1, Turbo, and A.J. Foster from death, showing he had the ability to stop time, resist huge energy blasts from Zod, and levitate objects, Alaric was unable to work out which side was in the right and which was in the wrong before he was abducted by Cy-Kill and taken to Thruster. There he was imprisoned and put into the Brainstormer, burning the device out, but was talked around by the Renegades into believing they were victims of the Guardian oppressors—though Alaric was visited by Aura, who reminded him his time was short. He gifted Cy-Kill his staff and looked on as they used it against the Guardians. However, Nick Burns had faith in him and rescued him from the Renegades with Scooter. When Matt Hunter was injured and Alaric saw his friends' compassion he began to realise he had made a mistake, using much of his remaining life force to revive the injured human. After Leader-1 was willing to sacrifice himself for his friends and with his life ebbing Alaric realised the Guardian was the one worthy of his gift, passing the final test by refusing it for himself. Instead Alaric used the last of his energy to take them to GoBotron's Computer Moon, where his wisdom was uploaded to the Guardians' computers before he moved on to the next plane of reality. The Gift