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B'oosa is an alien of unknown origin.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Lewis Arquette

B'oosa made a living by collecting unwitting space travellers to fight on Kolob for the pleasure of Crespas and his bloodthirsty patrons. On a sweep through the galaxy his ship stumbled across a battle between the Guardians' damaged Command Center and the Renegade Thruster, easily taking both on board and binding the crews of both in energy restraints. B'oosa explained their plight to the GoBots and their human allies before shipping them to Crespas, handing over the controls for the bindings. He and his guards made short work of Turbo when the Guardian tried to get free. Instead the Guardians would bide their time before Nick Burns was able to make a device to deactivate the restraints. With both groups escaping on their ships B'oosa - facing having to refund Crespas if they got away - gave chase but the arrival of a second pair of GoBot ships - a search party led by Hans-Cuff and Fitor - meant the combined firepower was too much for him, and they escaped. Gameworld