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The Spectrometer is a device invented and built by the human Buddy.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Buddy designed and built the Spectrometer in science classes at school. What it was meant to do is unknown, but once Buddy linked it up to her home computer and satellite dish it was able to switch the Guardians from alpha frequencies to beta frequencies, sending them out of control. The girl's mother got her to switch it off before lasting damage was done, though the device was traced by UNECOM. Buddy and the Spectrometer were seized and she was interrogated. Once it had been ascertained that she meant no harm Buddy offered to modify the Spectrometer to take control of the Renegades' Beta Frequencies but they turned down her offer and forbade her from using the device again. However, as Buddy was after a place on the Guardian Apprentice Programme she pressed on with the modifications from home, briefly gaining control of Cop-Tur. However, the Renegades were able to trace her; Buddy was only partially successful in destroying the machine before she was seized by Stinger. Buddy was taken to Roguestar and Dr. Go was able to get details of the machine from her mind via the Brainstormer. This was then used to take control of Leader-1, Turbo, Blaster and Good Knight, who kidnapped the Guardian Council and prepared to hand them over to the Renegades. Scooter and Nick Burns were able to remain free and get to Roguestar, freeing Buddy and overwhelming Dr. Go before using the Spectrometer to return the Guardians to normal before the handover of the councillors took place. Whiz Kid