Eiji Tsuburaya

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Doctor Eiji Tsuburaya is a Japanese scientist who works for UNECOM. He has a strong—if sometimes erratic—sense of honour.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Steve Bulen

Doctor Tsuburaya was stationed at UNECOM's Japanese base when Leader-1, Turbo, and Matt Hunter came to visit, interrupting his senior colleague Doctor Hyashi to excitedly tell her about the application of his mutating ray. She believed it was dangerous and suspended him. Angry at her dismissal and his own humiliation in front of the Guardians, he turned the ray on her trio of cloned dinosaurs, christening the mutants Ichigar, Kaitudan, and Jerigan and watching vengefully as they trashed the base and took out the Guardians. However his "suspension" made the news and he—and Ichigar—were captured by Cy-Kill. Cy-Kill wanted him to recreate the ray to create more monsters. Tsuburaya was aghast but put to work by Doctor Go. However, instead of making a mutating ray he made a machine that blinded Doctor Go and his guards before escaping Roguestar by jet. He arrived in Tokyo to find Courageous deadlocked with the monsters. To reclaim his honour he swiped a gas canister from Matt and used it on them, saving the day. Eventually. Destroy All Guardians


  • Writer Don Glut is a dedicated monster-movie fan and named the character after the real Eiji Tsuburaya (円谷 英二 Tsuburaya Eiji), who created the special effects for the early Godzilla films and later created the Ultraman franchise.