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Sidney's the one in the middle.

Sidney is a human.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

Being a feckless dweeb, Sidney was easily roped in to his uncle Professor Robert Frost's plan to build a Climatizer in Antarctica and hold the world to ransom, though his main part in the plot seemed to be to give someone for the scientist to expound his genius to. Alas, when the pair broadcast their demands to General Newcastle the signal was traced by the Renegades. They found the Professor and Sidney chilling in a tropical oasis they had created in the middle on Antarctica but Frost was initially unflustered by the arrival of Cy-Kill and his minions as he had thought to surround them with a forcefield. However, Cy-Kill had packed Screw Head, who simply drilled under their defences and take control of the Climatizer. Frost and Sidney were set adrift on an iceberg, with the Renegades instead taking over the climate extortion racket. Thankfully for Frost and his nephew they were spotted by Nick Burns and the Guardian Dive-Dive, who saved them. Frost then told the pair how to disable the Climatizer; after Dive-Dive had done so the pair were carted off to face justice. Cold Spell