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Gorn is a huge dumb alien of unknown origins who works for the Renegades on occasions when all Cy-Kill's other huge dumb henchmen are busy. He has one eye.



Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Peter Leeds

Gorn was brought in to Cy-Kill's scheme to sabotage an anti-Renegade conference. Along with Fly Trap, he tracked Scooter, Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster and Nick Burns to GoBana, where they kidnapped the three humans and took them to a safehouse in Old GoBotron. However, they soon got away - with Matt playing possum before drop-kicking the lumbering Gorn into Fly Trap. He then went with Fly Trap and a furious Cy-Kill to find the humans, tracking them to Wrecks' gladiatorial arena. However, they were mobbed and delayed by Wrecks' urchins, allowing their quarry to link back up with Leader-1 and Scooter. Matt then challenged Gorn to a battle in the arena, jousting on flying platforms. The human was swiftly victorious, sending Gorn to a fiery death in the lava below. Lost on GoBotron