The Secret of Silvermoon Mine

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Robo Machine featuring The Challenge of the GoBots Annuals
The Secret of Silvermoon Mine
Publisher World International Publishing Limited
First published Autumn 1986
Cover date 1987
Printed in Robo Machine featuring the Challenge of the GoBots Annual 1987



Matt, A.J. and Nick are returning through town on a summer evening after a trio to the cinema when they spot a bank robbery - with the robbers using a strange gun. Matt and Nick attempt to tackle them while A.J. phones the police, but the gun has surrounded the bank with a forcefield, and the robbers get away.

The robbers - the improbably named Noodles O'Rourke and Montgomery Mulligan - had been small-time bubble gum machine thieves until one Professor Peabury had given them his new Molecule Wobbler for their raids. Unknown to them Peabury was actually Professor Braxis and the Molecule Wobbler was actually the latest invention of Herr Fiend. The pair of crooks were counting their loot (which the latest job brought up to $28m for the month) in their getaway car and considering cutting Peabury out of the deal when he arrives on a motorcycle. Noodles slams the car into the bike, knocking Braxis into a pond. Unfortunately for them the bike is Cy-Kill, who converts to robot mode and trashes their car, sending the pair of hoods running - scared straight from the encounter.

They tried to tell the authorities but no one took their crazy tale seriously - apart from the Guardians' human friends. They report it to Leader-1, who tells Scooter to search the world's computers for clues about what 'Peabury' is up to. He soon found the alias had been used to buy Silvermoon Mine for $16m, and buy another $11m worth of parts and equipment.

Taking the humans with him, Leader-1 sets out to investigate the mine. There they find Cy-Kill, Loco, BuggyMan and Cop-Tur hard at work on something big. However, Crasher spots them; outnumbered, Leader-1 runs for it and got back to the Command Center, summoning Turbo, Dumper and Dozer before returning to the mine. However, once they got there the mine is deserted. Dumper and Dozer seal the mine but the Guardians can find no clue as to what they had been working on - only that it was big. Leader-1 is pensive but Scooter arbitrarily declared that whatever it was wouldn't be a match for the Guardians.

Featured characters[edit]

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Continuity notes[edit]

  • Turbo is mentioned as being taken to Silvermoon Mine but doesn't 'appear'.
  • Braxis is a Professor here.

Real-world References[edit]

Continuity and plotting errors[edit]

  • When O'Rourke and Mulligan are counting the money they say the total is $28m, but it changes to $27m for the rest of the story.