A Spy Among Us

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GoBots Magazine
"A Spy Among Us"
Publisher Telepictures
First published Winter 1987
Written by Paul Kirchner
Illustrated by Paul Kirchner
Page count 5

Cy-Kill sows discord in the Guardian ranks by making it appear there's a double agent.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

One day, while Super Couper, Throttle, and Scooter are finishing up a section of GoBotron, Night Fright swoops in and smacks Super Couper on the back. Just as quickly, the Renegade flees the scene. Later, the three Guardians meet with Leader-1 and recall the strange event from earlier. Leader-1 suspects a covert plot, but a mission has the utmost priority—a robot freighter with a load of zintrinium has a malfunctioning navigational system and the Guardians need to set out on the Command Center to recover the zintrinium so they can finish up GoBotron. Leader-1's words, however, reach Cy-Kill thanks to the bug Night Fright planted on Super Couper.

While the Guardians are recovering the zintrinium, Thruster swoops in with the Renegades inside! Leader-1 orders a variety of different tactics, only to be somehow foiled at every turn by the Renegades. Gloating that the Guardians will soon think there's a spy among them, Cy-Kill hears that Leader-1 order his troops to go into the hold. Rushing in to surprise their enemies, the Renegades discover the hold has no other exit and are locked in by the Guardians! Leader-1 reveals that he has too much faith in his soldiers to suspect double play and looked elsewhere, finding the bug on Super Couper. Leaving the Renegades in the hold, the Guardians program the freighter to fly to the Crab Nebula and they take off for GoBotron with the zintrinium in the Command Center.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As with the other GoBots Magazine strips this could fit into Challenge of the GoBots continuity easily, possibly set after Throttle's first active mission in "Quest for New Earth".
  • This is the only media appearance for Super Couper and Clutch.
  • All four series 3 Super GoBots are drawn straight off the toys, despite Throttle and Night Fright having character models - presumably these weren't send on to Kirchner.
  • As this was the final issue it included a paper over-cover informing subscribers that their next issue would be The Kids' Official Statue of Liberty Magazine, whether they liked it or not.

Errors[edit | edit source]

  • The Guardians try to sprint to a laser cannon and Super Couper, Throttle and Scooter convert to vehicle mode to speed things up. Leader-1 doesn't, despite his jet mode being quicker than any of them.

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