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Clutch is a new Renegade.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

GoBots Magazine[edit | edit source]


Through a bug Night Fright placed on Super Couper the Renegades overheard that an automatic freighter loaded with zintrinium for the repair of GoBotron had malfunctioned and needs to be repaired. Clutch set off with Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur and Night Fright in Thruster where they held the upper hand until Leader-1 found the bug. The Guardian leader then tricked the Renegades into the freighter's hull, which Clutch noticed had no exits. Trapped, the Renegades were sent off to the Crab Nebula by the Guardians for an unwanted holiday. A Spy Among Us

Fun Publications[edit | edit source]

Transformers Timelines[edit | edit source]

During the Diaspora, Clutch was dispatched to Level 72 along with an assortment of Guardians and Renegades. Cultural Appropriation TFWikiFavicon.png

Renegade Rhetoric[edit | edit source]

RenegadeRhetoric Farewell Clutch.jpg

Clutch was a Decepticon hailing from an unknown universal stream when Cy-Kill found him in Axiom Nexus. He was recruited into the Renegade cause by Cy-Kill during his time in the offworlder sector, and helped Cy-Kill recruit new Renegades and acquire useful technology. Clutch was responsible for planning the raid on Shockwave's laboratory in Axiom Nexus. Renegade Rhetoric 2015/10/15 Although useful to his ad hoc command team, Cy-Kill found Clutch a bit obsessive, a trait which could be troublesome in certain circumstances. He considered teaming Clutch with BuggyMan once they returned to Gobotron. Renegade Rhetoric 2015/10/16

After the successful raid of Shockwave's lab, the Axiom Nexus Renegades were found by the Offworlder Zone Security Administration. At Cy-Kill's command, Clutch gathered their "liberated" materials together just before Gong transported them to Cy-Kill's home universal stream. Renegade Rhetoric 2015/10/21 As they arrived on Level 1 in the midst of a Guardian/Renegade struggle, Clutch and Warpath helped rescue Spoons and Stretch from their Guardian attackers. Opportunity Knocks Part 2 Later, Clutch and Heart Attack visited Gobotron to retrieve the deconstructed remains of Cy-Kill's first combiner, Puzzler. Using notes Clutch retrieved from Shockwave, Cy-Kill intended to revive the entity as a new form of machine life thanks to sparks acquired on Axiom Nexus. Six Heads are Better than One Cy-Kill would later remark upon how well Clutch and Warpath were fitting in with the Renegades. One Born Every Minute When asked about the origin universes of Clutch and Warpath according to the TransTech universal stream system, Vector Prime declined to answer. Ask Vector Prime 2015/11/07 TFWikiFavicon.png

"Echoes and Fragments"[edit | edit source]

Clutch existed in a tangled universal stream where Sideways and Gong were deliberately blending elements of the GoBots and the Transformers. Warpath and Clutch were present when Galvatron destroyed Zero, and nervously accepted him as the new ruler of the Renegades and Decepticons. Echoes and Fragments

Toys[edit | edit source]

GoBots[edit | edit source]

GoBots version.

Super GoBots[edit | edit source]

  • Clutch (Super GoBots, 1985)
    • Renegade Robot 4x4 Truck
    • ID number: 027
Clutch was released by Tonka in the third series of GoBots, and converts from robot to Chevrolet C/K pickup truck. The figure was designed by Bandai on behalf of Tonka. As such, the figure was never released in Japan. He's on the chunky side, with a big ol' belly and teeny little stick arms. Fun conversion, though, and his arms can waggle around a bit - until the joints wear, anyway. The chrome on the figure's hands wears very easily, too. Like all of the third series Super GoBots, he features a biography on the back of the toy box and an instruction leaflet. Clutch can be hard to find and expensive on the second-hand market.
  • Clutch was added to the Renegades Super GoBots Assortment 2 (#7252) for the third and final series.
  • For bilingual Canadian packaging the alternate name Embrayage was used.

Robo Machine[edit | edit source]

Robo Machine/Machine Men version.

Super GoBots[edit | edit source]

  • Clutch (Super GoBots, 1985)
    • Enemy Robot
Clutch was also available in the European market, with the silver-grey windows changed for black and the robot head painted silver rather than metallic blue. This version is easier to find than the American release, but still far from common.

Machine Men[edit | edit source]

Super Machine Men[edit | edit source]

  • Clutch (Super Machine Men, 1985)
    • Enemy Robot
The Australian release of Clutch used the same version of the figure as the European release.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The 1986 Tonka Catalog featured an early version of Clutch, though in this case it looks more like an unfinished example rather than an alternate prototype scheme.
  • Clutch's Cybertronian-style design from the "Cataclysm universe" is a "virtual redeco" of Dropkick from the 2007 Transformers film toyline.

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