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Zintrinium is a rare alloy much prized by both the Guardians and Renegades.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

GoBots Magazine[edit | edit source]

A freighter carrying Zintrinium destined for the ongoing construction of GoBotron hit technical trouble in Sector-1143. Leader-1 took Scooter, Throttle and Super Couper to retrieve it - unaware that Night Fright had placed a bug on the latter, allowing the Renegades to follow them. The Guardians loaded the Zintrinium before they arrived but were then on the back foot thanks to the bug's transmissions, though Leader-1 eventually realised this and used it against Cy-Kill - while the Guardians flew the Zintrinium back to GoBotron onboard the Command Center, the Renegades were trapped on the empty freighter and sent towards the Crab Nebula. A Spy Among Us