Holographic Image Inducer

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The Holographic Image Inducer is an item of Renegade technology created by Dr. Go.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Dr. Go created the Holographic Image Inducer to disguise Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur and Crasher as Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter, respectively. With the trio also doing decent impersonations of the trio's voices it was enough to fool General Newcastle. UNECOM's new Renegade Detector wasn't fooled however, but in his guise as the Guardian leader Cy-Kill was able to destroy the device, declaring it faulty. With the real Guardians lured away by a phony distress call the three imposters then went wild, committing all sorts of attacks on Earth and even declaring the Guardian 'plan' to conquer the planet live on TV. As a result when the Guardians returned after realising there was no distress call they found they had been banned from Earth by the United Nations. Rather than accepting this and letting his troops be fired into the sun the real Leader-1 examined footage of the attacks and realised one thing the Holographic Image Inducers didn't cover up - that 'Scooter' was using hand-blasters, which the real Scooter didn't have. This information allowed the Guardians to clear their names and stop the Renegades.Tarnished Image