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Atlantis is the former location of a long-lost civilisation on Earth.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Despite being advanced, the people of Atlantis either died or left the city, which then became forgotten about in the Arctic. It laid undiscovered for centuries until it was found by Doctor Janus. Along with his assistant Lois Ransom, he was joined by a joint UNECOM/Guardian survey team, as a precursor to a full expedition. However, the party was harassed by the Renegades, who had secretly been informed of Atlantis' rediscovery by Janus. Nevertheless thanks to Tork the Guardians and humans were able to make it into Atlantis unharmed, finding the city perfectly preserved. The team began research and preparation, establishing a camp. Janus' true goal was to find and take control of the Amulet of Power, an Atlantean artefact that allowed the bearer to call forth powerful ancient beasts from the Crypt of Dreams - a gateway to other dimensions. He was able to summon a minotaur, forcing Cy-Kill to do as the scientist told him and sending the Guardians into retreat. They were further harried when Janus summoned furies to join the attack, followed by a dragon. Cy-Kill soon seized control of the Amulet of Power but as ever overreached himself and brought through too many creatures for him to control. The amulet was destroyed by a gorgon, causing the Renegades to retreat and the recovered Guardians to bring the monsters under control. With Janus repentant and Atlantis safe, Matt planned to recommend a full UNECOM investigation of the city. Terror in Atlantis