Brain Problem Situation

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"Brain Problem Situation"
Publisher Fun Publications
First published September 30, 2015
Writer Jim Sorenson

Six mysterious travelers unexpectedly end up on Strata 22.


Twenty-one strata away from GoBotron, the peaceful Autobots of Cybertron began experiencing planetary disasters. Their scientists identified it as a bizarre side effect of quantum harmonics, where a world called Moebius on another dimension was overwriting Cybertron's existence. A Sky Spy was sent through the Reality Bridge and observed the GoBots of GoBotron, very similar to the Autobots' own designs.

Optimus Prime chose a team of "Spy Changers" to accompany him to Strata 22, with altered bodies designed to more easily blend in to the new surroundings. Once they arrived, however, their first encounter was with the overly-suspicious Guardian called Turbo, who believed them to be a new group of Renegades. A fight broke out, and Turbo summoned other Guardians to help him battle the Spy Changers. This caught the attention of Cy-Kill and his Renegades, who arrived to aid the Spy Changers. The Renegades and Spy Changers escaped together, but Silverstreak was captured by the Guardians.

Cy-Kill attempted to manipulate the Autobots to his advantage, but Optimus Prime quickly recognized his host's true nature. After learning about the Renegade bases on Moebius, he dispatched Prowl to contact Leader-1 and form an alliance against the Renegades. Silverstreak had already explained the Spy Changers mission to his captors, and Scooter and A.J. believed the Autobots' purpose was benevolent.

Wheeljack and Hoist discovered the Renegade bases on Moebius were acting like a crude Dimensional Interfacer, draining Cybertron for power across the dimensional barriers. They destroyed the bases, and the Spy Changers and Guardians joined forces against the Renegades. Once Cy-Kill was driven off, Leader-1 and Optimus Prime shook hands respectfully and the Spy Changers departed back to their home reality.

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Guardians Renegades Autobots Others


  • Information about this story comes from "Ask Vector Prime" on September 30, 2015. The title of the story and cover art came from a subsequent post on December 21.
    • According to Vector Prime, this story was virtually published in another reality where the Transformers franchise collapsed in the 1980s and GoBots became the decades-spanning media empire. Parallel to our own history, Fun Publications took over Go-Con in 2004, publishing exclusive GoBots' magazines and fiction for Tonka as part of their collector's club. "Brain Problem Situation" is therefore that reality's inverted version of "Withered Hope", and shares many similarities.

Continuity notes[edit]

  • The TransTech universe numbering system indicates this reality is the same as the Challenge of the GoBots video game for the Commodore 64.
  • Other GoBots and Transformers terminology is revisited or inverted for this story. The Dimensional Interfacer and Sky Spy are referenced, while the Spy Changers cross over on a Reality Bridge (instead of the traditional Space Bridge) to "Strata 22", based on the "Level" terminology used in GoBots fiction in the past for other dimensions.
  • The Autobot Spy Changers briefly took over the Renegade Rhetoric broadcasts in July 2016. Fun Publications' final releases from December 31, 2016 indicated the Spy Changers would hop realities to the Renegade Rhetoric continuity for season 3 of that series, had it continued.